At Least I Have My Original Face

Now more than ever before facial plastic surgery along with paralyzing and plumping injections have gripped the world. Frozen faces, overly inflated lips and the now familiar wind-tunnel-look has become a multi-billion dollar business with more and more teenage girls being lured into the trap as they watch their movie and TV idols morph into…

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Want Thicker Lashes Naturally?

Are those lush, thick eye lashes thinning? Do they look kind of stubby and sparse? Most women see changes in their lashes as hormonal issues arise. You may be tempted to use chemicals on your lashes to help them grow but there is another way. One that is natural and easy peasy to do… When…

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Facial Exercise Magic

facial exercise magic

Once upon a time, a fair maiden met and married her long-time love. They had many children, lived in a beautiful home and enjoyed all of life’s offerings. One day as this mother, wife, lover of life, walked past a mirror, she caught a glimpse of herself and wondered, “Who is that ‘old woman”?” After…

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Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles?

Does Smiling Cause Wrinkles? by Jackie Silver, Does smiling cause wrinkles? While repetitive facial movements could cause fine lines and wrinkles, some people go to the extreme of actually avoiding smiling altogether just to stay young looking! Really? In fact, ABC News reported a while back that Kim Kardashian says she avoids smiling because it…

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How to Make Lips Look Younger

how to make lips look younger

Luscious Lips natural lip pump. Have you ever wondered how to make lips look younger? If you have smiled at yourself in the mirror or meticulously pored over recent photos trying to decide just what is different about your facial appearance, consider this: Lips shrink with age and if your smile is showing more teeth…

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Dynamic Women Talk Radio Feature – Facial Magic

dynamic women talk radio

Dynamic Women Talk Radio – Celebrating vibrant, charismatic women everywhere!  Listen as Cynthia Rowland, creator of Facial Magic and Luscious Lips, joins the panel to discuss two thought provoking segments – “Mean Girls” and “Doubt.”  Women love these types of thought provoking discussions – you just never know what challenges and situations will be thrown…

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Lose Face Weight: Woman’s Day Magazine

Facial Magic vs. Other Facial Exercise Programs

So happy to announce that Facial Magic has been featured in Woman’s Day magazine! It is a fantastic article about how to lose face weight, a very hot topic right now. Plastic surgery and risky procedures should be your last resort, not your first. There are many non-invasive options available to you, and Facial Magic continues…

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7 Health Guru’s You Should Follow and Emulate

7 health guru's you should follow and emulate

Fabulous examples of 7 health guru’s you should follow and emulate. “Your body is simply a physical vessel for you to carry out the things you want to accomplish with your life. Take care of your body, respect it, and it will do amazing things for you.” ~ Cassie Ho, Blogilates There are loads of health…

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Foods that are Great for Beautiful Skin

Kiwi and beautiful skin on woman

Beautiful Skin starts with the Inside. Ever heard the phrase, “real beauty comes from within”? Well, it does. For beauty on the outside, you need to eat the right foods that are great for your skin! Most younger women can rely on their abundance of collagen to carry them through as they ride the waves of…

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Better Than A 56 Year Old Sports Illustrated Model

Better than sports illustrated model

This 56-year-old Woman is Aging Backwards! The internet is flooded with the story of the “oldest woman to ever star in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition” – 56-year-old Nicola Griffin. The latest article features a recent photo shoot of Griffin, complete with her natural freckles, wrinkles and grey hair. “When you get to 56 you don’t…

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How to Get Real Beauty Sleep!

real beauty sleep

Did you know beauty sleep is a real thing? We teach you how to get the best beauty sleep! Scientists report that poor quality sleepers showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and slackening of skin and reduced elasticity. Beauty Sleep keeps you from aging fast. Body and Head Position…

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Why Drink More Water?

why drink more water

Throw out that soda. It could be killing you. Water. 64 Ounces per day excerpt from Cynthia Rowlands new book “Facial Magic®, The Natural Way to an Ageless Face” … coming soon! Why drink more water?  It is recommended that we consume at least sixty-four ounces of water per day to keep our bodies operating at optimum health.  Just drinking sips…

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Renowned Facial Fitness Expert Cynthia Rowland Embarks on Beauty Blogger Tour

Beauty Blogger Tour

CONTACT:       Cyndy Hoenig, Pure PR                              405.245.4668                       RENOWN FACIAL FITNESS EXPERT CYNTHIA ROWLAND EMBARKS ON BEAUTY BLOGGER TOUR   Something is Different in Beauty … the DIY Facelift   Oklahoma City, OK (Feb. 15, 2016)  – Cynthia Rowland, creator of Facial Magic facial exercises and Luscious Lips lip plumper, is renown worldwide as…

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What are Peptides and How Do I Use Them?

skin care and peptides

WHAT ARE PEPTIDES? I will always say yes to talking about skin care and peptides. What is it that makes young skin appear so firm, taut and smooth? The answer is Collagen, the structural protein found in the connective tissues of the body. Collagen, which makes up 75% of the skin, is crucial for the appearance…

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6 Tips for a Beautiful Smile

plump that pout

Picture a lineup of your favorite movie stars or celebs. Chances are they all have beautiful smiles full of straight, white teeth. A healthy smile is not only part of our ideal standard of beauty, but it’s also an important part of our overall health.  Here are 6 Tips for a Beautiful Smile. First things first,…

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Pnina Vilinsky, Creator of Luxtural on the Ageless Sisters

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Ageless Sisters on BlogTalkRadio My 5 Skin’s Health Tips for your listeners are:   #1 Skin Tip:  Sleep 8 to 9 hours. SLEEP! Sleep deprivation is not only unpleasant, it can also make your skin age faster! Sleep is extremely important for beautiful, healthy skin. “Beauty…

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