Best Habit to Form in 2023

Life certainly has its surprises, (I detest surprises) and ups and downs galore. Somehow, we soldier on to make the best of what we are experiencing or do we?

If you thought this article was going to suggest that Facial Magic® is the best habit to form in 2023 (it is!), sorry, there’s even something better than the most reliable, proven facial exercise program on the planet.

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the air as we approach 2023. Wars and rumors of wars, a very jittery economy, job layoffs, rising costs on everything, shortages everywhere and these predicaments are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg we call life.

Thinking about the future when there is so much mistrust and instability everywhere can cause us sleepless nights. Oh sure, melatonin is reliable to aid sleep, but the real stability comes when you call on your Higher Power through prayer, thought-filled meditation, affirmations and true heart-to-hearts with the Creator.

Most scary things are really beyond our control. Living in fear is no fun and certainly does not add days to your life. So how do you learn to live when it seems everything is falling away?

We must develop our faith, develop our knowing that no matter what, all will be okay…experience the peace that passes understanding.

Yes, our survival instincts may be challenged. 

No matter where we live, there are dangers around us, and as we rely on our inner guidance to propel us around obstacles that could be harmful, we become stronger mentally. Staying focused is key.

Calling on your faith to sustain you is the best habit to form not only in 2023 but beyond. Your faith can and will dispel hopelessness and despair, but you’ll want to “train” daily to keep your spiritual muscles toned and flexed.

We are blessed with Divine Love. Let us practice compassion, offer kindness, humility, meekness and patience to all.