Fix An Aging Face

fix my aging face

Desperate people do desperate things and surgery is one of those desperate things that aging men and women hope can “fix” their aging, sagging faces. After all, haven’t you looked in the mirror and wished that your younger face would magically appear? What happened to that face you loved? You’ll wonder, ‘is this the beginning…

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The Ageless Sisters

the ageless sisters return

On today’s show we discussed using a toothbrush to stimulate eyebrow growth. Ginger King, cosmetic chemist, NYC, new product: Stage Balm for Lips – FanLoveBeauty. This product is hydrating and refreshing. Sharon Osbourne took the plunge and has let her hair go without color. She is stunning with her new silver do. What mascara and…

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The Inside Job for Beauty

Afraid and uncertain are two emotional boundaries we sometimes unconsciously set for ourselves. It’s tough to move out of our comfort zones to make a difference but that is exactly what is needed if you want to truly be considered a beauty. It’s easy to fall into a rut, a routine. It’s challenging to be…

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Eyebrows Drop With Age

eyebrows drop with age

Eyebrows drop with age, and if you’ve often wondered how your face is aging, there is a sure-fire way to see this in the privacy of your home. Grab a mirror, place it flat on a table in front of you. Bend over from the waist, look into the mirror and count to ten. This…

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Eyelashes – Thick, Gorgeous Lashes or Not!

Do you long for thick, gorgeous lashes to complement your beautiful face? Are your lashes too short and seemingly unwilling to grow? There are lots of suggestions to grow thicker, more lush lashes via the internet. Some of them will not work…some will blur your vision and leave you frustrated. I have one of my…

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Clean Beauty

clean beauty

Clean Beauty is a new term in the business. I’m not certain who coined the term but it’s certainly getting play these days. What does this mean to you? Safe, reliable products with no nasties included?

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Do You Like the Shape Your Face Is In?

facial exercise

Many, many women delay taking care of themselves. We can find many reasons to postpone our happiness, our needs and rather than put ourselves first, we tend to fall in at the back of the line delaying our gratification. How were we trained to put so many others and their needs in front of our…

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10 Skin Care Resolutions to Make This Year

skin care resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – we all make them…but do we keep them? Read on to find 10 skin care resolutions to make this year… One of the most crucial steps to achieving youthful, healthy skin begins with a few simple practices:  Cleansing before bedtime, using treatments that nourish and resurface your skin, protection from excessive sun exposure…

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Dying To Be Beautiful

Dying to be beautiful

Dying To Be Beautiful by Katie Couric Repost of Dr. Malcolm Roth’s message via the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “In many ways, plastic surgery is still the Wild West in this country. Any physician can legally call him or herself a plastic surgeon. Your family doctor can decide, ‘I think I’ll do facelifts today.’…

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