Fix An Aging Face

Desperate people do desperate things and surgery is one of those desperate things that aging men and women hope can “fix” their aging, sagging faces.

After all, haven’t you looked in the mirror and wished that your younger face would magically appear? What happened to that face you loved? You’ll wonder, ‘is this the beginning of old?’

This is exactly what the practitioners that dispense paralyzing and plumping injections along with surgeries of every kind hope you believe. Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching! Cha-Ching!

Recent reports disclose that many anti-aging procedures actually have the opposite affect; rather than slowing or stopping the aging process, some doctors now say that facial plastic surgery and injections may indeed speed up aging. Their reasoning is this: once healthy skin has been cut and sutured the skin never really looks or acts healthy.

Faces that are injected and injected again and again may begin to look a little freakish and look that is not equated with youthfulness. The face that has been repeatedly plumped with fillers or paralyzed with toxins may begin to appear distorted.

It is difficult not to stare at an altered face that is distinctly different; the forehead does not move, wrinkles form alongside the nose, the eyes have less expression and the overall facial prettiness has departed the scene.

Many patients report dissatisfaction with the results they have via surgery and even injections. The dissatisfaction may be a result of a botched procedure but more likely the discontent is rooted in unrealistic expectations. “Too much, too tight, too big, too little” are common complaints.

Once cosmetic procedures were reserved for only the elite and celebs but now with generous financing possibilities, almost anyone who can afford monthly payments may now book multiple services. This instant affordability can be perilous to one’s health in many ways.

One very interesting side effect of surgery and injections is the seemingly continuous desire for more.

True story:  At nearly 45 years old, a girlfriend lamented, “My body, my body, my body – I still want to look like a pinup girl.” This woman has regularly visited plastic surgeons for plumping injections, Thermage, liposuction, paralyzing injections and has had various surgeries including a nose bob, breast implants and a blepharoplasty.

She has spent thousands of dollars in the past two years and is willing to spend even more chasing the elusive fountain of youth.

Unbelievably, she does not express any satisfaction with her new looks. She flits from procedure to product, from aesthetician to aesthetician, from doctor to doctor constantly striving for a newer looking face and body. Even now there are signs of facial distortion.

Will her current physician warn her of the consequences of “too much?” Even though her current surgeon may put on the brakes, she will likely consult with other physicians.

How did she get on this fast track to destruction? Did a body dysmorphic disorder develop after consulting with numerous surgeons? There is a tendency for every little flaw to be magnified when you’re in a consultation. How many times was she told that a little nip here, a little tuck there and a prick of a syringe was just the enhancements she needed? Cha-ching!

Weaning a body from using more surgery and injections can be challenging mentally and physically. Just because you’ve used these modalities as a stop gap to seeing less lines and wrinkles, the aging process continues. Propping up muscles and skin using artificial, man-made, sometimes untested injections may have unintended consequences that may cause lifelong heartache.

Even though injections and other invasive anti-aging procedures are considered temporary the look of youthfulness will not return using artificial means that actually work against the body.

What is the quest that drives women and now men to seek desperate, temporary measures? It is the desire for a youthful face; one that appears youthfully lifted, tightened and toned.

If you can’t get that youthful face with surgeries and injections, what works?

Facial exercise works. Simple, yet specialized resistance and contraction movements will indeed give you a youthful look. Cheeks, foreheads, jowls, pouches, double chins and more will look refreshed and revitalized without one prick of a needle or a cut from a scalpel or a suture.

Using just your thumbs and fingers wearing white exercise gloves you can safely and easily teach yourself the isometric movements that will transform your face in just minutes a day. Your friends and family will begin noticing results in hardly anytime at all.

Just think – you can maintain a youthful look without any risk and the results are significant. Cha-Ching! Now you get to laugh all the way to the bank and wear a face that looks years younger!