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Facial Exercise Expert What is a facial exercise expert?  It is so easy these days to call yourself an expert.  It’s as easy as just typing the word.  Cynthia Rowland, however, has actually spent years perfecting her craft, studying, training, testing and living what she preaches.  Cynthia helps women and men aged 25 and up…

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Thirteen Tested Tips that Really Work for Fabulous Skin

By Barbara Morris, R. Ph.

How do you get fantastic skin that radiates health and looks alive – even before you put on makeup?

Good genes help, but what you do – your lifestyle — helps even more. And, the earlier in life you learn what it takes to have skin that makes you a standout, the more success you will have. Remember, it’s easier to keep what you have than to try to get back what’s lost. Don’t wait until wrinkles appear. Think and work ahead. Be future-oriented.

Gerontologists say that 70 percent of the aging process is controllable with wise lifestyle choices; only 30 percent is the result of genetic makeup. Think about it: 70 percent is an awesome amount of power to have over your aging process. Take advantage of that information and use it to Put Old on Hold .

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Do the Five Tibetans for a Long Life

Longevity means that you take the time to do the little things that make a difference to your long term good health and exercise is the #1 suggestion because many, many health providers know that exercise is truly the fountain of youth. These Tibetan rituals hardly take any time at all to complete and almost immediately your body will respond with better balance and clarity of thought. You won’t have to leave your home or buy expensive machines…vitality and superior health can be yours.

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Award-Winning Pilates Instructor Lynda Lippin

Listen to internet radio with The Ageless Sisters on Blog Talk Radio So much more than a Master Trainer, Lynda approaches all exercise, energy, and body work as healing. Her nurturing yet demanding style of teaching allows her A-List clients, such as designer Donna Karan and journalist Natalie Livingstone, to move past their thresholds of…

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Cameron Diaz’s Awesome Arms Workout

Cameron Diaz has amazing arms and here is her routine for us to follow. Seems simple enough, I hope I can whip my arms into better shape using these moves.

You’ll Need: Exercise mat, bench, 5-8 lb. dumbbells

How it Works: Bass’ arm workout combines intense strength training moves to work the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and more. Complete 12 to 15 reps of each move, max. If you can do more, you should add more weight.

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Best at-home spa ideas for summer

Have your summer vacation plans been squelched by your pocketbook? Why not pamper yourself with your own at-home spa day? Itʼs easier and more economical than you might think and you probably have plenty of the products you need in your bathroom cabinets. If not, quality spa products are as close as your nearest pharmacy or big box store.

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Rosie Battista Reveals Tips On How To Sleep Naked After 40

The Ageless Sisters would like to thank today’s guest, Rosie Battista for sharing her success story about losing weight and gaining confidence. She is passionate about beautiful natural whole foods and real about the transformations that can be attained by changing your diet and your relationship with food. Listen to the show to learn more about Rosie Battista.

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