Why Facial Magic?

It’s true! All of us are born beautiful and then somewhere between the age of 30 and the age of 40, we see tell-tale signs of aging in our faces. We can disguise body flaws with clever clothing combinations. Black is a very popular color because it will hide love handles, bulges and arms that…

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How Facial Magic Works

facial exercise controls aging

Just like you have muscles in your body, you have muscles in your face. And just like your body muscles appreciate a good workout, so do the muscles in the face. Exercise will tighten the muscles in your buttocks and thighs. Facial muscles are no different. They, too, soften from lack of exercise. Facial Magic’s…

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Beginning Facial Magic

I discovered the Fountain of Youth! Yes, the Fountain of Youth and I want to share this most amazing discovery with you so that your face can stay young looking, too! Years ago, in conversation with my friend, Taylor, who was living in Denver, Colorado, our topic of discussion turned to anti-aging. She began telling…

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Hollywood is in LOVE with Facial Magic!

facial exercise

Hollywood is in LOVE with Facial Magic! Looking your best has never been easier. You don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of an all-natural, affordable and proven anti-aging facial exercise program. Facial Magic has been widely used by celebs, royalty, physicians, lawyers and politicians who want to maintain their young looking…

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Why do we include Retinol in your Facial Magic Starter Kit?

Cell Renewal Retinol is a potent, age defying treatment cream that improves firmness and elasticity of facial skin. Retinol has been shown to diminish wrinkles, redness and uneven pigmentation. This includes sun damage and age spots. When used according to our direction, redness and irritation, associated with most Retinol use, is usually eliminated because we…

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What Would I Look Like Without Facial Magic?

face looking tired

What would I look like if I didn’t perform the Facial Magic routine? When I first discovered this face saving exercise program my left eyelid was sitting on my eyelash and there was loosening skin under my chin, a wattle was developing and I had no control over either of those features. My confidence was…

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Look Younger and Healthier with Facial Exercise

Do you have a problem area on your face that you would like to change? Double chin, droopy eyes, jowls, pouches, crow’s feet or marionette lines? Aging is as sneaky as sun damage and it seems that in a twinkling of an eye, your face can look so different that you might wonder just who…

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Facial Exercise Versus Botox

facial exercise versus botox

Once the Hippocratic Oath was considered a rite of passage for practitioners of medicine; it was a promise traditionally taken by physicians pertaining to the ethical practice of medicine. Over the years the wording has changed to reflect a more modern language; however, an oath of some type is uttered by most physicians accepting the…

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3 Facial Exercises to Make You Look More Awake

As the saying goes, “Beauty comes from within,” and oh, how true it rings! That said, it also doesn’t preclude you from wanting and trying to look your best on the outside. The reality is that sometimes our busy lives show up on our faces as tiredness, but there is a proven way to look…

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Does Face Yoga Work?

does face yoga work

Contortions, puckers and grimaces are the basis of a new facial movement genre that is being touted as yoga for the face. But does face yoga work? Not only is this an insult to our common sense, it is easy to imagine that every yogi could be offended by these movements that produce lines and…

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Meghan Markle Does Facial Exercise

meghan markle facial exercise

With the news that Meghan Markle, soon-to-be British royalty, does facial exercise, the younger women are finally getting the message – facial exercise is not just for grannies but for young, vibrant women who want to maintain their beautiful faces throughout their lifetime. Facial exercise means no invasive procedures are necessary because your age intervention…

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De-stress Your Face Using Simple Facial Exercises

Stress shows on faces. Sometimes it can look like a frown and sometimes stress makes us look tired, drawn, mad and upset. One thing for certain, when you allow stress to continually affect your face, you are destined for down-turned mouth corners and a perpetual scowl. If you have been asked, “Are you mad at…

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DIY Facelift

diy facelift

Do you look great for your age? Do you look 10 years younger than you are? Do people constantly guess your age incorrectly? Are they shocked to find out your real age? How many years younger than your real age do people say you look? How does it make you feel to look so young?…

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Changing the Face of Beauty

changing the face of beauty

Changing the face of beauty. Not long ago, in the previous century/millennium, women and men aged gracefully. They proudly accepted the fate of their faces; no one was bothered by wrinkles, crevices or even gray hair. The flower children are surely to blame. Those hippies of yesteryear firmly believed that they would always look like…

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Facial Exercise vs. Plastic Surgery

facial exercise vs plastic surgery

How old will you be when you notice the first signs of aging? Will aging affect your hips, thighs or buttocks first or will it attack your face, producing droopy eye lids and a sagging, jowly jaw line? Think about this the next time you look at yourself in the mirror: When aging is apparent,…

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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles in Your Forehead

As I was working with a Facial Magic client and looking at videos that have been sent to me so that you can enjoy 4 weeks of online training, there is a lot of horizontal wrinkling going on in your foreheads when you’re talking/emoting. This is a tough habit to break (it is reported that…

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