Does Face Yoga Work?

does face yoga work

Contortions, puckers and grimaces are the basis of a new facial movement genre that is being touted as yoga for the face. But does face yoga work? Not only is this an insult to our common sense, it is easy to imagine that every yogi could be offended by these movements that produce lines and wrinkles.

Over the years snake oil salesmen have hoped their hype would result in a windfall of cash. They tout the latest and greatest cures with potions that no one has tested hoping that you, the hopeful, unsuspecting public, will buy into their spiel that will line their pockets with your hard earned dollars.

A well-respected magazine and a news leader recently reviewed these facial movements. There was no mention of results and there were no credible testimonials to accompany the information. What we did see were photos of facial contortions, puckers and grimaces.

These photos clearly demonstrate how wrinkles are formed. When you repetitively create lines and wrinkles with contortions and the like, it is possible that the face will begin to resemble that look. Think frown lines. If you have them it is because you have repetitively made that grimace over and over again.

The muscles and skin work together to create the look your face portrays; muscles that are strong support the skin…muscles that are lax allow the skin to wrinkle. Strong muscles plus energized skin equals a youthful appearance.

Using resistance with anchoring techniques is the only way to develop stronger facial muscles. Here’s why: facial muscles attach to bone only on one end, the other end attaches to skin or another muscle. Without anchoring and resistance the muscles cannot achieve a contraction.

Consider this: open your mouth wide, now close it and open it three times. Sure you might feel a slight stirring in the lower face muscles but add resistance by placing the forefinger and the middle finger lightly on your bottom teeth. Open your mouth. Push your fingertips downward as you try to close your mouth. Aha! This is resistance you can definitely feel the muscles respond under your chin and up the sides of your face.

Without the resistance, the movement is merely a contortion. There is nothing significant that could truly change the shape and contour of your neck and face if you do not have resistance and contraction.

No matter what the marketing gimmick if you are hoping that a grimace, a pucker, a twist or a contortion is going to give you a younger looking face, you will be disappointed.

Talking, laughing, yelling at your kids, singing – the normal everyday activities will not stop muscles from elongating. It is the elongation of our facial muscles that produce that aged look.

Stopping the muscles from pooling as they head downward into other muscles requires action that is far greater than twists and puckers.

Our bodies experience slack muscles: our waists thicken, arms become flabby and our hips can change shape all because of atrophied muscles.

When you want to revamp your body, you head to the gym, drag out weights and hit the machines. You begin contracting those muscles using resistance.

The muscles in the body just like the muscles in the face will plump up and reposition when they are proficiently exercised. Without the resistance and contraction of the muscles, the body, like the face, will not receive the results you desire.

Anchoring helps isolate the facial muscles. Using your fingers and thumbs will create the needed resistance to lift a sagging forehead, heavy cheeks and even jowls and pouches. This type of facial exercise is the ultimate natural cosmetic enhancement because it can lift, tighten and tone droopy muscles and skin in hardly any time at all.

You know the risks and complications of surgery and invasive procedures but do you know that injecting foreign substances is risky, too? Looking younger in today’s society has triggered an avalanche of new drugs, topical preparations, bizarre surgery techniques and even a resurgence of contortions first introduced in the 60’s.

Be savvy. If you want your face to look and feel years younger safely without creating lines and wrinkles rely on isometric and resistance exercises that promote optimum results in an all natural way.

The process is easy and it only takes a few minutes a day in the privacy of your home to transform your tired, droopy face into one that is toned, tightened and lifted.

No puckers please!