Christia Sale – Women’s Life After Divorce Expert

Christia Sale stayed in an ugly marriage too long. She spent most of her life taking care of everyone else at the expense of her own health and happiness.

Christia reached midlife, has children who are sprouting their wings, but what she has to teach you comes from what she learned from surviving a rough marriage and an even rougher divorce. It was HELL! Life is too short to be so unhappy. She got so caught up in trying to make her 17 year marriage work that she totally lost herself in the process. She was devastated. But once she learned the 7 SELFISH Steps for a positive recovery and reinvention after divorce, she changed her life in amazing ways.

So she’s here to help you. Christia is a leading Women’s Life-After-Divorce Expert. She is The Most SELFISH Woman in America!!

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6 Ways You Can Stay Positive In Tough Times

This is from our good friend Kirk Wilkinson. I will be using his information often. He has written a wonderful book called The Happiness Factor. I suggest reading it, you will learn happiness skills.     Don’t Underestimate Your ability to cope! When faced with a crisis it is easy to feel overwhelmed and feel…

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