Women’s Lips are “Sexiest Body Part” According to Men

lips sexiest body part

Women’s lips are the sexiest part of their bodies, a new survey has revealed.   Full lips are sexy, according to a new survey (PA)   The average guy spends 54% of the first ten seconds of a meeting with a new woman entranced by her pout, according to a study carried out by the University of Manchester.…

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Angelina, Eat Your Heart Out: How to Get Naturally Plump Lips

Naturally beautiful lips are always in vogue and Luscious Lips Lip Pump is the most reliable tool to deliver results. No lumps or bumps or anything hurtful or invasive. Not everyone is born with full, dramatic lips like Angelina but with a little effort, you, too, can enjoy fuller, sexy, sensational lips that rival hers.…

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Kissable Lips For Your Valentine

Lisa Kasanicky, Founder of AzSpaGirls.com Eyes may be the windows to the soul but only your lips can whisper the sweet nothings of love. So for Cupid’s sake, make sure that pucker of yours is primed and ready for a Valentine’s Day smooch! The beauty hounds at Arizona Spa Girls picked out their faves. Naturally…

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