Bumps on your upper arm

Faced with those annoying bumps on your upper arms?  Well, you are not alone. Most likely this condition is Keratosis Pilaris.  There is no cure but it can be easily treated. These harmless yet annoying bumps are likely a result of dry skin or even clogged pores or maybe too much sun. Dry brushing your skin on a regular basis will help keep it in tiptop condition. Also experiment with glycolic or Retinol on your arms rather than lotions.

Having a sun allergy means that sun exposure will cause red bumps to appear on the outer edges of the upper arms and lower legs. Certain sensitivities to medication, the type of soap you use, fragrances, even sunscreen and body lotions can cause these eruptions. Some NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Motrin or even diuretics can be the culprit.

This condition means that you need to cover yourself if you are in direct sunlight. A large brimmed hat, sunnies, long sleeved white linen shirt and light colored slacks will go a long way to protect your skin from sun-allergic incidents.