Can I Really Look Years Younger Using Facial Magic®?

The definitive answer is a resounding “YES!”

Most of us loved the way our faces looked as teenagers. We overcame the acne trauma in our 20’s and we knew we were beautiful – or did we?

Faces develop according to our DNA. Our ancestors’ genes are passed through to us generation after generation and our faces are the result of this evolution. Lips, noses, chins and more were delicately formed to provide all of us distinctive and unique faces.

So, fast-forward to today. Do you like the face you are wearing? As you peer into the mirror, do you see your youthful face of yesterday or are you prone to wearing a middle-aged rectangular face with downturned mouth corners, hooding eye lids and an over-all spongy-looking face?

What can you do to stop and reverse aging like this that doesn’t require outside interventions that cost a lot of money or are invasive procedures that must be repeated?

These physical conditions that are just average muscle atrophy results can usually be remedied in just weeks using the specialized facial strengthening exercises from Facial Magic. There are 18 exercises in all that you learn over nine weeks. Learning these proven, strength-building, lifting, toning and tightening exercise movements will give you a natural facelift that seriously can rival and look better than a surgical procedure.

Here’s the key:  you must exercise according to the nine-week training directives. Learn two exercises each week and add those to the routine for a total of 18 exercises. Exercise six days in a row, take a day of rest and then resume your training.

That’s it! Each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction so do the math…in hardly any time at all, your face can be exercised at home. No need to go anywhere. No need for recuperation or hiding or disappointment. 

Using your thumbs and fingers as your “age erasers”, your face can safely and reliably look 10 – 15 years younger in just weeks.