Do You Crave Deep Natural Sleep?

people, relax and comfort concept – young asian woman sleeping in bed at home at night

So many people complain that they don’t get enough sleep. Maybe it’s natural to awaken during the night for a quick bathroom stop but what if your sleep is interrupted by stomach issues like heartburn or digestive issues? Without a doubt, you most likely will awaken feeling like you’re about to have a bad hair day.

Health issues and mood-altering lack of sleep is not a combination I want to experience. 

When my girlfriend was here in November to spend a few nights, I learned that she sometimes has long periods of wakefulness during the night. Her residual side effects from her lack of deep natural sleep are many and she readily admits that her thinking isn’t as clear, she’s perpetually tired and her memory isn’t what it used to be.

Sleep is vitally important for overall health. Too much sleep in later years may indicate a health challenge but usually 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended by health care professionals. Your good mood depends on your sleep cycle. So does your body weight. I know I can easily gain weight if I’m not enjoying enough sleep.

I do have a recommendation for better sleep – invest in a weighted blanket.

What a difference in my sleep now that I use it nightly. I look forward to its weight on my body as it provides comfort and I believe it invites sleep. When I first began using it, the weight was annoying. And, I thought it produced too much heat but after a bout with bronchitis that prompted me to take long naps, I fell in love with my weighted blanket. I am addicted to the results!

A tiny bite of melatonin, my buckwheat pillow with a silk pillow case and my 15# weighted blanket helps me enjoy deep, natural sleep for hours at a time.