Facial Hair? Get Rid of It!

A super smooth complexion…that’s only what you see when you look through the latest fashion news dotted with celebrities and stars who are thrilled when their faces grace those pages.

Everything is smooth. Cheeks. Lower mouth, upper eyes, and forehead. There isn’t a speck of hair anywhere unintended.

In years past, if there was an overabundance of facial hair, women would resort to at-home plucking, bleaching and maybe, for the very brave, shaving to have a smoother facial appearance. 

Facial masks, from egg whites to green bentonite clay, were regularly used to cleanse, smooth, and brighten the skin and even the hair. Mineral rich clay absorbed excess oil, leaving acne prone gals with better looking skin. 

Aestheticians brought dermaplaning to market and now, most every facialist will offer that service as part of a facial package. 

Dermaplaning was quite expensive when it was first introduced in Los Angeles. Women paid top dollar to have their facial hair shaved and dead skin cells removed with a technique that used a blunt-nosed scalpel. This “resurfacing” procedure still produces the most amazingly fresh facial appearance, especially when alpha hydroxy and other rejuvenating products are used.

As you begin once-a-month dermaplaning, whether at-home or with a professional, your skin will look and act better and better. Your pores will appear smaller, and your face will radiate with new pink skin.

Your consistent at-home daily skincare routine is vitally important to your beauty. 

Nighttime “pampering” means washing your face, slathering retinol or a moisturizing overnight cream and sleeping with your pillow tucked behind your ear. 

The best at-home daytime routine begins with Facial Magic®. Refreshing your appearance after a morning shower with a few minutes of targeted facial exercise will assure that your skin and your facial features are ready for the day.

Wearing your toned, tightened, and lifted face means you will smile more as you become confident in your appearance. 

Hello Beautiful!