FLASH, GLAMOUR, SWAY – Nail Trends for Holiday Season 2023

Close-up shot of young femle hands with red and white nail manicure. Copy space.

Bold describes nails and nail color for the holiday season.

Just a few months ago we were seeing “rich girl nails”. You know the long, tapered nails that are strikingly Hollywood glam!?!

For the holiday season, that nail trend has taken a big leap forward with deep, dark chrome hues that rival a shiny new European sportscar.

Imagine deep, dark, shimmery magenta. 

Or heart-stopping red-blue, a deep red that shouts perfection and class.

Chrome black lacquer on long, tapered nails paired with a slinky gown is more than bold! It’s a big WOW!

Navy blue is another big favorite for holiday nails. This stunning color looks terrific on shorter nails and shimmery midnight blue with silvery flecks rocks long or short nails – yay!

Confetti nails are sure to get attention and are perfect for that evening party no matter what your age. Just remember that removing glitter from your nails is cumbersome and time consuming.

The elegant French manicure always pairs with every color and this look never goes out of style.

Shorter nails accented with deep, dark Bordeaux, almost black, is wonderfully dramatic that works for daytime office and nighttime evening wear.

Holiday “press-on nails” are a great option that allow you to easily change from daytime to party time when you choose the adhesive peel-on, peel-off stickers, however; most nail kits include glue so that you can wear the nails for a longer period.

You can choose the length, shape and color that best suits your needs usually for under $20.00.

What is so terrific about temporary nail kits is the savings of time and money. A trip to the nail salon is a beauty expense that is somewhat necessary but when you live out in the country, driving 15 miles one way, it’s not always a luxury that is in the cards.