Holiday Evening Wear 

Black velvet holiday evening wear is so alluring.

It just seems so right for the end of the year holidays. 

There are many dress styles from which to choose and no matter your body type, finding the perfect affordable black velvet dress is as easy as visiting

Search for black floor length formal dresses and voila! Pages and pages of dresses appear…more than you could ever shop for in a mall or an upscale couture boutique.

You know your best style and finding it on eBay is likely. Just be discerning. Knowing your body well, you can even type in your best size! Say, size 12 and only size 12 black velvet formal long dresses will appear.

The women who sell these garments are likely just like you and me. Some garments are brand new with the tags still intact, others have been worn once or twice and retired. Cleaning out their closet means they either donate their barely worn beautiful dresses or see if they can recoup a portion of the original cost.

Choosing a dress and having it delivered weeks in advance of your holiday soiree means there is plenty of time for alterations if needed and certainly a trip to the dry cleaner’s will ensure there are no instances of disappointment. Usually, the seller will disclose any flaws the garment may have so order with confidence.

Some gals shy away from sleeveless and thin strapped dresses thinking their arms aren’t quite up to par but there are ways to disguise little flaws. Try wearing larger sparkly earrings with a shocking pink wrap! That combo will certainly deter imperfect arms. Sometimes you have to make the eyes look elsewhere. 

Beautiful jewelry like bracelets and necklaces add style to black velvet. Just don’t overdo it and wear only a few select pieces. 

Hair and glam makeup will complete your look and don’t forget your smile!