How to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Looking a little tired around your eyes lately and confused by the hype how to remedy those lines and wrinkles? Here is how to get rid of crow’s feet without botox.

There are cosmetic companies touting products just hoping you will believe that crow’s feet can be diminished just by rubbing a little pad around the eyes. And, some cosmetic companies would like you to spend a small fortune every month on a topical preparation filled with peptides and other substances to stop the smile movements that cause creasing.

Maybe you have considered more drastic measures like Botox or fillers to combat the look of old because you know that wrinkles shout to the world that you are not the fresh-faced beauty you once were.

Such silliness!

Crow’s feet are caused when the forehead muscle, a large vertical muscle, begins to elongate and push downward into other muscle groups that surround the eyes. Couple this downward motion with smiling, squinting and other facial expressions and voila! You have lines and wrinkles in a very delicate area of the face.

Yes, while skin care is important, in most cases you will never need to go the route of surgery or injections that paralyze and plump. Here’s how to get rid of crow’s feet. Treating them using extraneous methods such as laser and Thermage seems barbaric, potentially dangerous and useless because these methods do not stop the cause of crow’s feet; these modalities only temporarily mask the symptoms.

You can prove this to yourself when you choose Facial Magic facial exercise to look younger and prettier. In one movement you can increase the distance between your eye brows and eye lashes; you will also experience the amazement that when you perform this exercise your forehead lifts and tightens, too.

Exercise changes everything because it revitalizes your body and it can revitalize your facial features. Oxygenated blood can be forced to our tissues when we use isometric and resistance movements; this action plumps up the tissue and rejuvenates the muscles so they better support your skin.

Just so that you know, there are other facial exercises to combat an aging face so that your face is firmer and lifted without using anything but your age erasers – your thumbs and fingers – to create a younger looking, prettier face.

Rather than sitting in a physicians office for twenty minutes to two hours wasting time and spending money to have a treatment, you can self treat at home using just thirty-five seconds each day to stop your droopy forehead from creating unwanted lines, wrinkles and crinkles around your eyes. The benefits of facial exercise for this area are truly amazing because you will see and feel a substantial difference the first day you try the exercise.

Will you look like you’re sixteen again? Probably not but if you want to stop the downward slide of your forehead without spending a fortune or putting yourself at risk, this is the ticket for which you have been searching.

It is important to note that once you begin exercising your upper eye and forehead muscles that you continue to do so once a day for six days in a row. Even though the time allowance seems slight, it is sufficient to lift that heavy, vertical muscle to alleviate the look of old.

Women even into their 80’s have seen their crow’s feet greatly diminish. Couple the forehead exercise with the one hundred circle exercise to reduce the lines and wrinkles caused by smiling and other facial expressions and you will begin to see that twinkle return to your eyes.

You may be scoffing at the thought of how to get rid of crow’s feet without expensive interventions but I promise, you’ll have the last laugh when you realize just how powerful facial exercise is to save your face.

Once the decompression of the forehead muscle is reversed, you can see that the area surrounding the eye acts differently. The area becomes lifted and tightened. Without anything invasive, pain, risk or expense, you can correct droopy facial features with simple, easy to perform movements that require only minutes a day to complete.

How long does it take to see results? Most everyone sees results the very first time the movements are performed; however, lasting results come at about three weeks into practicing this exercise. The more consistent you are, the better your results.

Capture your results on film or in a digital format; do this by taking close-up photos of your face before you begin. At the end of the third week, take another set of photos and see how the area has lifted and responded to this very special exercise.

Once you prove to prove to yourself that you don’t need any special interventions to have a younger, prettier face, you might want to consider learning an isometric and resistance facial exercise program that will help you rediscover the face you thought you had lost forever.

What do you have to lose? Only the look of old!