How to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

Wishful thinking will not reverse the look of crows’ feet and droopy eyelids. What in the world happens to our faces when we hit 30? 40? 50 and beyond? It seems every time we look in the mirror, we’re reminded that we look a little different. Our face is changing and we do not know how to stop it. Here’s how to get rid of droopy eyelids.

We hate to admit it but we certainly begin to resemble our mothers when crows’ feet and droopy eyelids develop. Not that we don’t love our mothers, we do! We just don’t want to look less vibrant or wear the look of old.

Aging is sinister. In the face, aging begins deep in the muscle structure of our faces. Its quiet destruction begins to show up in our late 20’s, early 30’s as fine lines and wrinkles begin their assault on our beautiful faces. Collagen production lessens and we notice that our skin’s elasticity is waning.

Pampering your skin is not an option. Facial skin, especially, requires gentle cleansers, exfoliation at least once a week, nourishment and protection. Even though you cleanse and slather nightly to encourage overnight healing, you may see signs that this is not enough to stop aging. You expected more!

The reason you see aging in your face is because muscles, those tiny, hidden muscles, are beginning to elongate from disuse. They lengthen and push into other muscle groups. Here’s an example:  consider your forehead muscle…the frontalis muscle. It’s broad and it is vertical. From the hairline to the sides of your face, your frontalis muscle makes up the entire forehead. When it begins to lose its shape from inactivity, you will notice that your eyebrows are dropping and this compression creates crows’ feet.

Over time, compression around the eyes can become a serious condition that may affect eye sight. This condition of hooded eyelids means eyeliner and mascara become difficult to apply.  The eyelids can become lined. The skin can lose its tone and vibrancy. Tired eyes, hooded eyelids, droopy brows – yes, an intervention is needed.

When these conditions develop, many will first think surgery! Yes, surgery is an option. Surgical procedures are expensive and the results are not always what you had in mind. Plus surgery is iffy. Infection, invasive action, recuperation, time away from friends, seams that don’t heal properly, surprises and increased drug use present concerns.

Injections to the forehead are another option. There are incidences of grief and anxiety surrounding these plumping and paralyzing injections that shout “caution.” Injecting toxins into the body can have disastrous consequences and that includes death.

The covert signs of aging can be stopped and even reversed without the complications of surgery or scary interventions. This natural, proven beauty option only requires your thumbs and fingers to successfully lift, tone and tighten every portion your face and neck from the inside out.

The vertical forehead muscle and the orbicularis occuli muscles that surround the eyes can benefit from the following exercise specifically to lift the eye brows, stop the compression around your eyes and strengthen the upper eyelids.

Prove it to yourself by following these easy instructions on how to fix droopy eyelids.

  • Relax your eyebrow area and then place the three middle fingers of each hand directly under your eyebrows.
  • Drop the palms of your hands flat against your face.
  • With the pads of your fingertips directly under your eyebrows, push your eyebrows upwards and slightly outwards.
  • Hold your eyebrows in this position with your eyes open.
  • Slowly push your eyebrows down against your fingertips while holding your eyebrows high, and hold the contraction for 5 seconds.
  • Remove your hands from your face.
  • Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose.
  • Repeat the exercise. This time hold the contraction for 10 seconds. At the seventh second, close your eyes, keeping your eyebrows held high.
  • Remove your hands from your face. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale through your nose. Begin again, holding the contraction for 10 seconds and closing your eyes at the seventh second. Repeat the movement again so that you have exercised for a total of 35 seconds.

Now that you know how to fix droopy eyelids…

Now that you know how to give yourself an eye lift, think about the rest of your face. Why not firm and lift your cheeks, jowls and neck? Your results will become evident each day and more so over the next few weeks. Your face will look revitalized and you will have increased confidence knowing that you look refreshed and youthful! Remember, when you use Facial Magic, it shows!