How to Get Rid of Droopy Eyelids

how to fix droopy eyelids

Wishful thinking will not reverse the look of crows’ feet and droopy eyelids. What in the world happens to our faces when we hit 30? 40? 50 and beyond? It seems every time we look in the mirror, we’re reminded that we look a little different. Our face is changing and we do not know…

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How to Get Rid of Sagging Jowls

how to get rid of sagging jowls

Maintaining a youthful face requires something deeper than skincare.  If you’re over the age of 30, you know what I’m saying is true. No matter how faithfully you care for your face, over time, you will see the gradual loosening of your facial features. This is how to get rid of sagging jowls. This loosening…

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Glycolic Body Smoother for drop dead gorgeous skin!

Nothing screams “age” like withered, dry, crocodile skin on legs, feet and arms. Well, there’s a remedy for that and when I tell you that in just one use, you will see a remarkable difference, I want you to believe that! Cell Renewal Glycolic Body Smoother is a creamy botanical formula designed to moisturize, soften…

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Facial Magic works for men and women

facial exercise

Droopy facial features, a lax jawline and a sagging mouth are dead giveaways that aging is waging a war on your face. No matter if you are male or female, atrophy will make its mark on your face. Disuse and gravity are two known aspects of aging. Oh sure, sun damage ages our skin but…

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Why Use Epidermal Growth Factor for Wrinkle Repair?

What if there was a product that would minimize pores, hydrate skin, stop wrinkle formation and more? Our Cell Renewal Epidermal Growth Factor (EFG) is an intensive healer and cell regenerator. I can personally attest to the efficacy of this product because it is the only treatment I used when I severely burned my wrist…

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Better Looking Skin in 45 Days or Less

Ever notice that not all facial skin looks healthy and vibrant? Wish that you could jump in an make a difference for your skin? Well, you can and I’m here to help you achieve better looking skin in 45 days or less. There’s no fooling around when it comes to healthy and vibrant skin. Yes,…

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Tips to Stop Dry Skin

tips to stop dry skin

Maintaining moist skin is possible when you follow a few no-brainer steps: – Use warm, tepid water for your shower.– Limit shower time to 10 minutes. (I asked my granddaughters to try      this after observing their 20 minute showers)– Immediately apply moisturizer to slightly towel dried skin to create       a  moisture…

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Clean Beauty

clean beauty

Clean Beauty is a new term in the business. I’m not certain who coined the term but it’s certainly getting play these days. What does this mean to you? Safe, reliable products with no nasties included?

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The Best Acne Cover Up Ever?

Acne can be debilitating – who wants to be seen with large pustules and craters?
Well, here’s a gal who learned to cleverly disguise her malady. Toronto based Elaine Mokk, shows you step-by-step how you, too, can overcome the stigma of cystic acne.
As for the Accutane – careful – it can have long-lasting side effects.

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Diva Debbi – Your Beauty and Fashion Consultant

Debbi OShea has been writing her Beauty and Fashion Blog DivaDebbi since 2008. It is published by both TotalBeauty and Glam Media. She recently launched a second blog, Forty Four Forever. Debbi is the Brand Amabassador for La Peau Skincare, a Swiss brand that she is devoted to. Professionally, Debbi has been a Personal Shopper and Stylist for the last 20 years. She is a Polyvore addict and in her spare time, enjoys creating fashion sets to sharpen her eye and stay ahead of the trends ( Her sets have already received almost 1 million views. Debbi also writes a monthly Fashion column for WAG Magazine, a life style Magazine for Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

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