Letter To Cynthia Rowland

I am so pleased to hear from Adriaen and wowee zowee, I am proud of her results. This testimonial is so powerful and I encourage men and women to use facial exercise rather than surgery or injections. Safe, proven and most of all, you’ll look like you, only younger!

My letter to Cynthia Rowland

(I had nothing to do tonight, so I Googled myself and found this. I swear, the internet is such a hoot. There is absolutely no privacy!)

facial magic before & after photo

Hi Cynthia!

Well, it has been over a year since I last saw you. At that time, you could not find my starting photo taken at the Learning Annex workshop that I attended. I think that workshop took place near the end of May 2002. It might have been 2003, but I do remember that it was late May because I had visited a local LA plastic surgeon just a few weeks earlier in May to get an estimate on what it would cost to fix my face. I left his office in a total state of shock after hearing his estimate of $35,000 and that was just for a few basic critical problems, not even the entire face! The photos I include were taken before hearing the estimate. I hate to think of how I must have looked afterwards. I do remember dissolving into tears after his financial consultant assured me that it could be financed.

It is said that “thoughts are things”…in other words, thought has power. Thought is a form of prayer. I was frantic for an alternative. Not only was surgery completely beyond my reach financially, I was terrified at even the thought of it. I began to hunt for an alternative. I remembered being contacted by e-mail years earlier regarding miraculous facial exercises which came in the form of an e-book. I had purchased it, but in all honesty, I did not understand what to do. I did not understand the proper placement of the fingers in each exercise. So, it went unused. Then, a few days after visiting the surgeon, I was having lunch at my favorite little deli where there were copies of the Learning Annex booklets outside. I had nothing to read, so I grabbed one and went in. That’s where and how I stumbled across your class. It was as if my mindset had opened the door to the answer to my prayer. There you were. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, had I not already been primed by that e-book years before, I might have discounted your methodology.

There are 4 photos attached, 2 from the surgeon and 2 in approximately the same angles taken in the last two weeks. Have fun. I do every time I look at them. I put them up side by side on my computer screen just to entertain myself. Look at them and let me know what you think. Personally, I think you are a gift from God. I am turning 56 in August and as I recall, you are an August baby also, so let me wish you a very happy birthday to come. You helped me to change my future. I can never really thank you enough.

With the deepest gratitude

Adriaen Ito

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