Look Years Younger in Just Minutes!

Yes, you CAN look years younger in just minutes!

Women’s magazines and certain home pages for major search engines typically relay the latest and greatest five ways to stop aging now, seven helpful tips to stop unwanted hair growth and even ten ways to leave your lover. If you are like most people, these headlines draw you into reading or at least skimming the article to see if any of these tips resonate with your life needs.

Some of these tips are meant to tickle your funny bone but when dispensing sage advice, they just might miss the mark.

A recent magazine and internet article offered information regarding under eye circles, boosting your eyebrows and using under eye concealers.

“Give Crow’s Feet the Boot” stated that these lines are formed as a result of lost collagen in the skin and gave the impression that by using a topical retinol or Vitamin A derivative, those lines and wrinkles would be lessened.

Yes, loss of collagen can certainly create lines and wrinkles but most Crow’s feet are caused by repeated squinting motions coupled with an elongated forehead muscle that has pooled into the eyebrow muscles. Using a topical treatment to treat this type of compression may very temporarily ease the look of Crow’s Feet but when squinting is repeated and gravity sets in, the lines and creases will return.

Using chilled eye compresses to temporarily alleviate under eye puffiness caused by fluid retention is well known; however, did you know that by decreasing your salt intake and slightly increasing your water consumption can deflate those puffy eyes?

In addition, try sleeping on a higher, firmer pillow and slide a one-inch book under each leg of your bed’s headboard to slightly incline the pitch so that you are not sleeping flat. Check with your Doc if you are taking medication and under eye puffiness persists because long-term puffiness may indicate another condition.

Lifting your eyebrows by reshaping your eyebrow’s arch or stenciling doesn’t really create a difference if your eye lids are flabby, lined and moving toward your lashes. Hooded eye lids are a result of the eyebrow muscle losing its tone and resiliency; plucking or drawing does not correct the problem.

What makes a difference to help you look years younger? Can circles, droopy eyelids, brows and other age related appearances be remedied?

The best kept anti-aging secret is facial exercise! Facial exercise can stop crow’s feet, lift sagging eyelids, lighten and brighten the under eye area and much, much more.

Concerned that your under eye bags are there forever and those dark circles make you look like a zombie even though you daily use a concealer in every conceivable shade?

Here is a movement you can begin to help you look years younger in just seconds a day.

Try the 100-circle exercise for under eye puffiness and dark circles: Apply a very small amount of an eye treatment product to the ring finger of your dominant hand. Begin under the inner brow and lightly trace upwards and outwards until a full circle has been completed around the upper and lower eye region. Gently perform this exercise about 100 times around each eye making certain the under eye area is well lubricated before you begin.

You can stop the formation of Crow’s feet by elevating the forehead and upper eye brows. Prove this now: place the three middle fingers of each hand underneath your eye brows and push them upward. Do you see how the Crow’s feet are no longer apparent?

Simple resistance exercise can change the shape and contour of your face quickly without risk or harm. In just minutes a day, your face can look revitalized and fresh naturally.

Crow’s feet and sagging eyebrows can be remedied by performing one exercise that requires only 35 seconds of your time each day.

Enjoy the confidence knowing that your face can be saved without resorting to silly tactics that might disappoint you.