Spring Gardening Tips

spring gardening tips

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. In my mind’s eye, I see a lush garden filled with many type of colorful flowers, lots of greenery and just the right touch of garden stones and borders. Back to reality, having a lush garden with just the right amount of color and height…

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New Episode of the Ageless Sisters

the ageless sisters return

The Ageless Sisters enjoyed discussing the shut-in adventures of cooking and painting, especially seeing Jackie Silver’s Covid-19 creations that you can view here and at her site. Watch the video here. Viewer’s questions were discussed:  questions answered regarding the Facial Magic gloves, why Jackie chose Facial Magic, and how the word “diet” needs to be…

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Tips to Stop Dry Skin

tips to stop dry skin

Maintaining moist skin is possible when you follow a few no-brainer steps: – Use warm, tepid water for your shower.– Limit shower time to 10 minutes. (I asked my granddaughters to try      this after observing their 20 minute showers)– Immediately apply moisturizer to slightly towel dried skin to create       a  moisture…

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Are mammograms the best way to detect breast cancer?

breast cancer awareness

A breast cancer diagnosis will take your breath away.How do I know? My sister had that diagnosis many years ago. She endured radiation that disfigured her breast. She declined chemotherapy. She opted for Tamoxifen for seven years. Thankfully, she has not had a recurrence. The mammogram missed the mass but she found it during a…

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Bad Breath?

bad breath remedy

Onions, garlic, and adult beverages are just three of the culprits that can give you gorilla breath the morning after a special evening out.  You know the sensation; you positively reek of garlic but what if you haven’t eaten anything that would produce bad breath and yet you know you have breath that makes people…

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How to Look Thinner Without Actually Losing Weight

by Jackie Silver In breaking news, Madison Reed, a prestige hair color brand, applauds the movement toward authenticity in advertising and announces that it is advancing the cause with a pledge to use unaltered, raw photography. In these images, nothing will be adjusted. In fact, many brands are incorporating what appears to be body positivity…

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Look Years Younger in Just Minutes!

Yes, you CAN look years younger in just minutes! Women’s magazines and certain home pages for major search engines typically relay the latest and greatest five ways to stop aging now, seven helpful tips to stop unwanted hair growth and even ten ways to leave your lover. If you are like most people, these headlines…

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Pillows and Sleep

pillows and sleep

Pillows and Sleep Sometimes, sleep escapes me. It is my pillow or is it my brain activating itself at midnight? For years I have slept on a “bucky” – a buckwheat hull-filled pillow that keeps your head and spine aligned. One feature of this pillow is that it seems to cool my head which I like.…

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3 Facial Exercises to Make You Look More Awake

As the saying goes, “Beauty comes from within,” and oh, how true it rings! That said, it also doesn’t preclude you from wanting and trying to look your best on the outside. The reality is that sometimes our busy lives show up on our faces as tiredness, but there is a proven way to look…

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Why Use Botanical Ingredients?

botanical ingredients

Our skin has been endowed by nature with all it requires for proper functioning and optimum health. Age, environmental factors, dietary deficiencies and other health conditions all contribute to deplete the skin of natural, vitally important elements. Cell Renewal’s skin care system is based on a deeper understanding of the composition and function of the…

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Foods that are Great for Beautiful Skin

Kiwi and beautiful skin on woman

Beautiful Skin starts with the Inside. Ever heard the phrase, “real beauty comes from within”? Well, it does. For beauty on the outside, you need to eat the right foods that are great for your skin! Most younger women can rely on their abundance of collagen to carry them through as they ride the waves of…

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Roy and Joy Martina on the Ageless Sisters

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Ageless Sisters on BlogTalkRadio The show with Joy Martina, PhD and Roy Martina, MD was lively and full of information! The Sleep Your Fat Away, Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Effortlessly system is available as a preorder at Amazon.com. There were many helpful hints and tips…

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Unlocking a Woman’s Brilliance, Revealed

We sometimes feel like we can go no farther – whether it is our career, relationships with others or self-limiting beliefs – we can move forward in a positive way when we adopt a different way of thinking…change your thinking, change your life. Here are 31 steps to unlock your brilliance! Ever feel there’s a…

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Pnina Vilinsky, Creator of Luxtural on the Ageless Sisters

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Ageless Sisters on BlogTalkRadio My 5 Skin’s Health Tips for your listeners are:   #1 Skin Tip:  Sleep 8 to 9 hours. SLEEP! Sleep deprivation is not only unpleasant, it can also make your skin age faster! Sleep is extremely important for beautiful, healthy skin. “Beauty…

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Is Sugar a Source of Disease?

  The source of the sugar calorie is the key to how your body metabolizes it. “Too much sugar causes chronic metabolic disease in both fat and thin people,” says pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig, author of “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease.” Consuming too much sugar causes the level of glucose…

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