More Intermittent Fasting News

Christmas treats and goodies are usually hard to resist but this year, not so much. 

After months of training my brain to accept intermittent fasting, over-eating sweets, sugary candy and other tempting morsels has somehow lost its appeal. That’s not to say that Fantasy Fudge or Butter Toffee went unsampled because I did enjoy several pieces of each but come 5:00 pm, even with guests here, nothing passed my lips that resembled food.

This is probably the first year that weight gain did not darken my door.

Am I skinny as a rail? No, those voluptuous curves are still in evidence but the “bloat” is gone from my waist and tummy. Do I eat carbs? Yes, some…mostly vegetables and chicken. Do I eat bread? Yes, I usually allow myself one slice of Trader Joe’s organic wheat bread during my “eating hours”. 

Intermittent fasting for me means eating breakfast between 10:00 and noon, then stopping all food usually by 5:00 and at the very latest, 6:00 pm. Being mindful that I want to keep my body slim, I closely adhere to the Adkin’s rule of thumb of 15-30 carbs per day to maintain my weight. As I have previously disclosed, I do not own a body weight scale so weight is judged by how my clothes look and fit.

I’ve learned that by stopping food early in the evening, my digestion has improved which is a big plus. No upset stomach issues during the night means better sleep. Perhaps drinking a tablespoon of Bragg’s in a glass of water with a little stevia before bedtime has helped with all tummy challenges. I know there are those nay-sayers that would rather pop an over-the-counter antacid but Bragg’s ACV has worked brilliantly for me.

Even though adopting the intermittent fasting attitude has worked for me, I advise you to avoid the “Beth Dutton” version of intermittent fasting – cigarettes and coffee until noon.