“Over the River and Thru the Woods…”

Remember singing these words when you were a kid? They always had such meaning for me – maybe because we lived in the country and Grandma lived some miles away … it was such an innocent time when we enjoyed our family together at Thanksgiving.

We looked forward to turkey with all the trimmings. Heaps of mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, buttered green beans piled high and the most delectable gravy to smother not only the potatoes but everything else it touched.

Getting together with cousins, aunts and uncles, no matter how often we saw them, we were always happy to see and be with one another. Those were happy and blessed times that we shared.

Nowadays, people are scattered. Kids that are grown and live away from where they were raised don’t always make it home for this holiday but with the very popular Facetime and other messaging apps, sometimes the miles seem to melt away. 

What doesn’t melt away is hunger. Or loneliness. Or sadness.

Reaching out to include others expands our circle of friends and friends are so dear. In these uncertain times, creating friendships can be challenging but we can include like-minded souls to enjoy new conversations and inspiring thoughts.

Sharing is caring.

Giving to others, no matter if it’s just a smile, comes back to us in unimaginable ways. The very act of opening our hearts, expressing thanksgiving and love in word and deed, makes us a better person. 

Living peacefully…with love and kindness enhances our awareness of our authentic self.  It just feels good!

We are indeed thankful for all that we have, all that we give and all that we receive.