Plastic Surgery? Or clean and green?

How old will you be when you notice the first signs of aging? Will aging affect your hips, thighs or buttocks first or will aging attack your face, producing droopy eye lids and a sagging, jowly jaw line? So the question becomes: plastic surgery? Or a clean and green approach to fight aging?

Think about this the next time you look at yourself in the mirror: When a developing mature face becomes apparent, what avenues will best serve you? Do painful injections around the eyes, lips and forehead entice you? Does it make sense to undergo a surgical procedure that promises you’ll look ten years younger? Can you imagine waking up from surgery and not recognizing yourself?

The Search for the Fountain of Youth

Many men and women are searching for that special something that will keep them looking younger. Most are faithfully taking vitamins, eating organic foods, practicing regular exercise and many book twice-monthly facials. Here’s the rub:  everyone, no matter how diligent they are about their lifestyle, one of these days even the most health conscious will look in the mirror and see an aging face peering back at them.

Aging faces are primarily a result of sagging facial muscles. Those tiny muscles can lengthen up to one-half inch by the time age 50 is reached. Just like in the body where we discover our hips sliding down the back of our legs or the muscles in our upper arm looking loose and jiggle-ly, facial muscles suffer the very same loss of tone and resiliency. Add sun damage to the mix and all of a sudden you have an aging, tired face that needs attention.

If indeed sixty is the new forty it’s time to look long-term at avenues that are available to first stop the visible signs of aging and then correct the aging that has already become apparent. Or if you’re one smart cookie who is under 40, this information will greatly benefit you because by age 25, collagen production is waning and you’re next in line for an adult face.

If you choose plastic surgery, you choose risk. No matter how proficient the doctor, how qualified he is or where he practices, risks are present. Whether it’s loss of sensation in and around the incision site, slow healing time, infection or waking up with a new look you don’t necessarily care for, surgery, like injections is actually temporary.

Imagine spending $10,000, $15,000 or more of your savings and not liking the results when the bandages come off. Maybe you realize that the aggravation and pain wasn’t accurately disclosed. Fast forward five years: most likely your face is in need of a tune-up and that procedure is going to set you back even more money and again, put your health and well-being at risk. Aging continues even when you’ve cut and sutured sagging skin.

Many people are beginning to understand that surgery should be the last resort when they’ve decided they’ve “had it” with a puffy or sunken out of shape face.

Choosing paralyzing and plumping injections or plastic surgery are sure make a difference in a face that needs an intervention. Whew! At first, that new look can be quite stunning – nothing moves – and as a result, little lines and wrinkles begin their development alongside the nose. Over time if injection use is continued, faces can look a little weird and misshapen. Again, these injections are a health risk. When you carefully read the contraindication statement before service is rendered, you will likely be alarmed at just how risky those pricks are.

Another Way

There is another way. It’s a much healthier option. One that is clean and green. Not only is this method much safer, it’s proven to help the user look 5, 10, even 15 years younger. You don’t have to spend loads of cash and this method doesn’t risk lives or cause disfigurement. That choice? Facial exercise!

You may find it difficult to believe that specialized facial exercise can actually give the user a fresh, younger looking face but it does!

Just as resistance and isometric exercise provides strength and toning for the limbs and torso, facial exercise will keep faces from sagging by tightening and toning the hidden muscles that support the skin. Your face will become more youthful as tell-tale signs of aging melt away.

How is this possible? Consider this: Muscles in the face are small compared to the other muscles in the body. The facial muscles attach to bone on one end, the other end inserts into another muscle. Facial muscles weave over and under other muscles so when sagging begins, the muscles pool into other muscles causing wrinkles and a misshapen face – the look of aging!

A Natural Facelift

You can stop this developing look now and stay beautiful with easy isometric exercise. Without pain, without plastic surgery and without expensive, risky procedures to keep you a slave to unnatural methods.

First you will feel the results and then in just weeks results will be seen. Not silly twists, puckers, funny faces and contortions that add to wrinkles, rather, your face will benefit from day one using this natural process of facelift.

That’s right a natural facelift!

Every area of your face and neck will respond when you use Facial Magic. Over nine weeks, the exercises target sagging upper eyes, a lined forehead, crows’ feet, droopy upper cheeks, slack muscles around the mouth, jowls, pouches, chin, double chin, neck bands, the dreaded wattle and more.

Week one teaches two exercises that you perform six days in a row. Each exercise requires 35 seconds so in hardly any time at all, your routine is completed. After one day of rest, Week Two adds two new movements to your routine for a total of four exercises. Again, each exercise requires 35 seconds of contraction once a day for six day and then another day of rest.

Each week your face is tightening and lifting. Week Six is when the real magic begins. Why? Those tiny, hidden muscles have new strength and vitality. The facial muscles are repositioning so the face looks more youthful and your skin is beginning to glow. For the rest of your life you own the secret to a natural facelift that makes you look years younger than those around you.

Natural, clean, no drugs, no mistakes, no disappointment, no recuperative time. You look like you only younger!