Pretty Summer Feet

Brightly painted toenails in adorable, strappy sandals scream summer is here! Hot electric pink, brilliant blue and even arctic white are some of the most popular colors for toenails.

Having and maintaining pretty summer feet require that you regularly, in some cases daily, pay special attention to your toes, ankles and lower legs.

If you live near the beach and regularly walk barefoot in the sand, your exfoliation needs are likely to be minimal as walking in sand is one of the best ways to slough off dry, discolored, crusty skin that accumulates around toes and heels.

Like most of us land-locked gals, exfoliation can be as easy as dry-brushing your feet and lower legs. Long, upward strokes with a natural bristle brush can create better looking skin while the action removes dry, flaky skin. 

There are a multitude of exfoliation tools in many price ranges. Pumice stones, hand-held callus removers along with foot scrubs and masks are available

Keeping your feet and lower legs moisturized with a rich, hydrating cream is another way to assure that your toes and feet look sensational. Take time to slather lotion on your lower legs and feet before you dress for the day.

Of course, you’ll need to keep your legs hairless. Shaving exfoliates the top layer of skin but using a moisturizer with added glycolic will increase your results of dewy, well-maintained legs and feet.

Having regular pedicures is almost an extravagance these days. Taking time out of our busy schedules is a luxury for some whereas not everyone enjoys having their feet touched. Some gals squirm, wiggle and even laugh out loud when their pedicurist is sloughing their feet or massaging their calves.

Natural, polish-less toes are pretty, too. As long your toenails are well shaped and healthy, your toes and feet in gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous sandals, will be admired by all.

For those of you whose calves and ankles have been compromised or they don’t look as spectacular as you’d like or you’re not in the mood to shave your legs, there are beautiful, floor-length dresses that will disguise any perceived flaws you might be seeing. Wear the sandals, disguise the flaws. Throw a filmy, gauzy, over-sized scarf across your shoulders for a little dramatic flair and you’ll look sensational!