Pursing Your Lips and Other Wrinkle-Causing Contortions

Does it seem that the wrinkles above and around your lips are increasing?

At what age did you notice this increase occurring?

Take a closer look in your mirror. Is the feathering becoming full-blown grooves that want to invade not only your top lip but now even the sides of your mouth are indenting due to the continued contortions you make with your mouth?

Making motions, repetitive motions like pursing your lips when you’re concentrating or biting your bottom lip or hardening your top lip or squishing your lips into a constant pucker will likely leave you feeling blue when you realize that these movements are creating more than just feathery lines. Over time, those feathery lines deepen and seemingly multiply.

Your mirror will reveal the exact motions that create the lines you want to stop.

Place that mirror so that it is easily accessible for telephone conversations. If you eat alone, place the mirror to watch how your upper lip and mouth appear to others when you chew. Watch your upper lip and mouth motions when you’re brushing your teeth.

So how do you correct the damage you’ve done to your upper lip? And, how do you stop further damage from occurring?

The skin on your upper lip is thin and susceptible to everything the environment offers – sun, wind, hidden environmental factors like chemtrails and bacteria – and more because your face is out there always.

The skin around your mouth is connected to a round muscle that surrounds your upper and lower lips. 

This standalone muscle, the orbicularis orris muscle, requires regular exercise to keep it taut. Without specific exercise, your upper lip is subject to excessive wrinkling.

Yes, Facial Magic® can enhance your upper lip along with the rest of your face and save it from the cause of facial aging – atrophied facial muscles that affect the performance of your skin. 

Yes, you want better looking skin – drink water, exfoliate regularly and perform youth delivering, face improving, face lifting exercise – Facial Magic.