Sagging Jowls and Aging Skin

Sagging jowls and aging skin seem to go together. Once your upper cheeks begin to lose their strength and vitality, you see the results in the loss of volume in your face, especially your lower face as loose skin begins to develop.

Your once firm face is under attack due to loss of muscle tone.

Sagging jowls and aging skin are just two symptoms of an aging face. Fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes are now attacking other parts of your face including the sides of your mouth. You know if you see these tell-tale signs now, if they’re not dealt with, these fine lines and wrinkles will evolve into deep folds, a down turned mouth and more.

In fact, if you are seeing jowls, your face needs a tune up! 

The muscles in your entire face – forehead, upper eyes, lower eyes, crow’s feet, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, and neckline will lengthen about one-half inch over time. This sinister elongation creates the look of old and before you know it, your once pretty and youthful face is beginning to resemble your mother’s face.

Advanced topical skincare items certainly benefit aging skin. Peptides, retinol, alpha hydroxy, green tea, and more all help to improve the firmness and health of your skin. Some products will effectively penetrate the layers of your skin and you will see very pleasing results, but lifting and sculpting your facial muscles is what produces the results you crave.

You want the look of a facelift without the hassle, expense, and danger. Right?

Sculpting creams can only go so far to lift and tighten sagging facial features. Think about it…when you see flabby thighs, jiggly arms, and a thick waistline, will rubbing a cream on these areas produce the results of slimness, firmness, and toning? Probably not. 

Just like exercise for the body tightens and tones waists, tummy’s, hips and thighs, Facial Magic®, a proven facial exercise system lifts, tones and tightens soft, sagging facial features. 

This at-home system streams online to every internet enabled device which means your training is literally at your fingertips.

Facial Magic trains your face to look years younger. 

More than just jowls and aging skin, take control of your face to look better and better.