So You Think You Need a Facelift

so you think you need a facelift

Looked in the mirror only to hypercritically proclaim: “I need a facelift!”? If so, you are not alone. Every person over the age of 40 has begun to see subtle shifting in their facial appearance. Out of nowhere lines and folds have begun their development and all of a sudden, the once tight, sculpted chin has slackened leaving you feeling pretty glum knowing that you are beginning to look older than you ever thought possible.

You also know that if you aren’t somehow, someway proactive, this aging is not going to correct itself.

There are only a few methods that will return the look of youthfulness to your face; some are natural, some are painful and expensive and some are just ludicrous gimmicks that deplete you of funds and subject you to great risk and bodily harm.

Which one would you choose?

The most talked about anti-aging remedies are terribly risky and dangerous because long term results have not been determined or documented. This includes injections and surgery.

Injections of foreign substances and cadaver material will definitely change your appearance; lips become misshapen and if the injections are used in the face, the face looks plasticized and unnatural. In order to maintain the results, further injections are required to be repeated over and over again. Just how many substances can the body endure? No one knows.

Surgery is very risky as well – surgery is a crap shoot because no one can guarantee the results of a procedure. Not only are there scars that produce loss of sensation and feeling in the excised area, there is always a risk of infection and disappointment because the face is forever distorted by surgery. Further aging is accentuated because the muscles and skin are now draped unnaturally; the face loudly shouts that your surgical face lift needs refreshing.

One interesting item in the marketplace is the hand-held, battery powered, electro-stimulation device that shoots electrical micro-currents into the face. These devices can create a slight contraction of the muscle which may affect the skin very temporarily after four to six weeks of use; usually the user needs to continually treat the area each day to create and then maintain the results. There are cautions that need to be heeded using these devices. Over-use is a common side effect that can cause permanent damage such as involuntary muscle twitching which is not attractive and can be very disturbing to witness. An annoying stinging sensation is another by-product of superficial stimulation to the epidermal layer. Without resistance, the results are very temporary.

Another consideration beyond price and risk regarding injections and surgeries are the qualifications of the person executing the procedure. Is this person a physician? Is this person a dentist or a gynecologist performing plastic surgery? What’s a girl to do?

Use a zero risk, no side-effect solution. It’s true; a proven technique does exist that can correct aging, sagging faces. This solution is fast, safe and totally amazing.

Highly specialized facial exercises can easily restore your face to its former youthfulness. These exercises are easy to learn and easy to perform. They do not cause wrinkles as some physicians would like you to believe, rather, these exercises lift your face so dramatically, the results rival a magic wand.

In hardly any time at all eyelids lift and fine lines and wrinkles smooth. Your cheeks become prominent as your jaw sculpts and firms. From day one of this type of facial retraining muscles and skin respond to increased oxygenation caused by contraction and resistance exercises. The muscles begin to plump up, shorten and lift. Your skin responds by following the new, youthful positioning of the facial muscles. In just weeks your face looks revitalized and younger.

Keep in mind you can safely alter the shape and contour of your face and neck without an invasive, expensive, painful or risky procedure. These dire consequences are totally unnecessary if beauty and youthfulness are your desire.

Imagine yourself looking as young as you feel and you made it happen using only your thumbs and fingertips.