Spring Beauty Tips

Spring is fast approaching! Here are some of my favorite spring beauty tips to get your skin radiant in preparation for summer.

1. Exfoliation is the key to enjoying younger looking, clearer skin. Try this for a DIY
exfoliation facial: Cleanse your face. Juice a lemon and add a half teaspoon water.
Gently rub this skin brightening liquid all over your face, neck, chest, and forehead.

Use every bit of the lemon water while gently massaging your face. Let it dry 10 minutes.
Wash it off. Follow with Vitamin C Serum and a moisturizing lotion. Your foundation will
look sensational!

2. Exercise. Walking is a most efficient way to exercise your tummy, waist, hips and
thighs. Slip on your walking shoes and get in the habit of getting out there with a fairly
brisk pace for only 20 minutes.

Ten minutes out and ten minutes back. Your body will thank you as you clear your mind while enjoying Mother Nature at her best.

3. More exfoliation. Long, warm pants, long sleeved shirts and sweaters have been
put away for the season and now is the time to ready your arms and legs so you can
confidently wear less clothing.

Dry brushing will exfoliate those dry, crepy arms and legs. Do it before showering. Brush always towards your heart so start at your feet and make long, sweeping moves upwards. The dead skin cells will be gone if you just take a few minutes before each shower to dry brush your body.

4. Begin a small garden indoors. One of my favorite things to grow is celery. Just cut
3 inches off the bottom of your celery stalk. Place it in a bowl and keep it watered. In a
day or so you will notice new growth.

This growing celery plant will bring you pleasure. After about 10 days, plant it in soil, keep moist and in a sunny location. Growing flowers indoors or maintaining an orchid while growing green plants provides lots of satisfaction. I understand that plants love music and conversation!

5. Hydrate your face every day with rich products beginning with an exfoliating
cleanser. Your skin will look radiant when you use the Facial Magic Lactic Acid Gentle
Milk Cleanser® daily.

Keep your favorite scented lotion at your desk and use it several times a day on your hands and arms. Remember, use Retinol only at night on clean skin to exfoliate your facial skin even further so that the appearance of fine lines will be lessened.

6. Exercise your face regularly to maintain your beautiful face so you can look
substantially younger for years. Your brain and your facial muscles have a deep
connection. Muscles have memory.

Facial Magic Facial Exercise can actually return the look of youthfulness to your face. Place a photo you love of your face taken 15 to 20 years ago in your Facial Magic workout area to help your muscles and your mind work together, slip on your gloves, and begin the adventure of looking better and better.