Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. In my mind’s eye, I see a lush garden filled with many type of colorful flowers, lots of greenery and just the right touch of garden stones and borders. Back to reality, having a lush garden with just the right amount of color and height requires preparation…lots of preparation, especially if you are planting annuals. Outdoor beds provide lots of smiles when you take the time to use these suggestions to get your garden ready. Here are some useful spring gardening tips.

The first prep is cleaning and clearing the space to grow. Removing rocks, sticks and dead foliage is key. You’ll want to own a rake, a shovel and a spade along with gardening gloves to keep your manicure intact.

Rake the area well and turn the soil with a shovel or spade. This is great way to burn calories. Bust clods, remove hidden roots and anything that doesn’t enhance your space.

Add potting soil to the turned earth and incorporate it well. Conditioning your soil with organic potting mix is a plus. Now envision the colors, the shapes, the fragrances or the flowers you want to grow. Do you need a border? Ornaments? Solar lights? A garden gnome? A quick sketch of the garden plot can save time and aggravation.

Choose bedding and flowering plants for your cold zone. Note whether you’re planting in full sun or shade and choose the soon to be flowering plants accordingly. Want to make a colorful statement? Plant clusters of vibrant color. Yellow, red, orange and hot pink are attention getting. The choices of peonies, hydrangeas, roses, and gladiolas produce beautiful flowers and they’re all fairly easy to grow.

Water frequently and fertilize lightly. Immediately water your newly planted jewels with a deep soaking. Water at the base of the plant so the water can soak to the roots. Frequent watering will assure growth and flowers. Stay on top of those pesky weeds once a week!

What are some of your favorite spring gardening tips?