Stop The Look of Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are everywhere.

Every time you smile and crinkle your eyes, you are developing lines and wrinkles at the edge of your eyes that are commonly called crow’s feet.

Looking for information online regarding how to treat crow’s feet will only provide you with the same tired, trite information…but after reading several sites that contain basically the same advice, I realize that the true cause of crow’s feet has not been addressed.

Here are the recommended treatments I found online at various sites – sound familiar?  Stop smoking, drink more water, use eye cream, use SPF, wear sunglasses, eat a healthy diet. Not one website that I visited even broached the idea that a natural remedy like exercise could absolutely prevent and change the appearance of these age-creating unsightly lines.

If you don’t address the cause, how can you remedy the situation?

Crow’s feet develop when the muscles and skin in the forehead and around the eyes begin to lose their vitality. As those small, underlying muscles lose strength, they lengthen and because the skin is attached directly to these muscles, the tiny skin structures begin to collapse as they can no longer support weighty cascading muscles. This action begins forming lines and wrinkles.

Foreheads elongate and change – that wide vertical muscle will develop horizontal lines as it pushes downward into your eyebrows. You will realize that the distance between your eye lashes and your eyebrows will begin to diminish. This lessening distance results in crepy eye lid skin and more wrinkles.