The Orange Peel Chin

The Orange Peel Chin 


What is going on with chins? Are you seeing dimples and the orange peel look? The French label this condition as the peau d’orange and if you are wearing this look, the following information may help you to alleviate the dissatisfaction you feel when you look in the mirror

According to some aestheticians wearing a dimpled chin is a result of muscle tension. Others say the orange peel look develops as a result of dehydration.

This pitting of the skin probably doesn’t require the attention of a professional but rather more “at home” intervention with your skincare as well as learning to better hydrate your body over all.

The “at home” routine will sound familiar:

Perform your Facial Magic exercises, especially exercise #10

Drink more water

Use a Glycolic preparation to exfoliate

Use Retinol nightly

Use Vitamin C Serum daily

Use sunscreen daily

Visiting an aesthetician every 4 to 6 weeks can certainly benefit your over-all facial condition but it’s the at-home, daily treatments that mean the most.

Although suggested by some medical professionals, most women will probably like to avoid using a neurotoxin injection for this area. Dermal fillers and those that plump and paralyze are expensive and the chin is likely a painful area to inject.

Performing exercises #4 and #10 will certainly alleviate the muscle tension in the lower face. These two exercises will alleviate sagging in the lower mouth and begin to smooth the affected area.

Learning and performing the entire Facial Magic® routine changes everything. Consistency with products and the exercises will indeed have a magical effect on your entire face. From the inside out, your skin will enjoy the oxygenated nourishment facial exercise provides.

Remember, you can look and feel years younger when you choose Facial Magic exercise and the accompanying products that are designed with you in mind to produce the most wonderful experience of a younger looking face.