The Shocking Photo That Reveals The Damage The Sun Does To Your Face

Whoa! This is ultra sun damage that may have been avoided with sun protection; I wonder, was he a smoker, too?

The shocking photo that reveals the damage the sun does to your face: This man was a trucker for 28 years… guess which side of his face was next to the window


This man is 69 years old, but one half of his face looks far older, due to years of sun damage to his left side.

The unnamed man spent 28 years driving a truck, meaning he was far more exposed to the sun’s rays coming through the window on the left of his vehicle as he drove.

The shocking difference between the two sides of his face shows the dramatic premature ageing effect that sunshine can have on the skin.


Two-faced: The 69-year-old looks far older on the left-hand side of his face after years of sun exposure as a trucker

Scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago studied the damage to the trucker’s face.

The condition, known as unilateral dermatoheliosis, or photoageing, is caused by the sun’s UVA rays and results in thickening and wrinkling of the skin.

UVA rays, which are responsible for the tanning effect caused by the colouring of skin pigments, are the most common form of light rays, and are prevalent in tanning booths, which produce doses 12 times stronger than the sun’s.


Danger: The ageing effect was caused by UVA rays, which are used in tanning beds

Unlike the UVB rays most commonly associated with skin cancer and sunburn, UVA rays can penetrate glass such as the trucker’s window and are present even on cloudy days.

Although UVA light was previously believed to be relatively safe compared to UVB – resulting in ranges of sunscreens that blocked only UVB – recent research and the university study have shown that skin cancer can be caused by both types.

Scientists Jennifer R.S. Gordon and Joaquin C. Brieva at Northwestern University said the trucker’s extreme damage meant he would require regular monitoring for skin cancer.

The research highlights the danger of UVA tanning beds, which were once believed to be safe due to emitting fewer UVB rays, and comes as a warning to sunbathers after the hottest period of the year last weekend saw thousands flock to beaches across the country.


Warning: Sunbathers in Brighton last weekend. Scientists have highlighted the danger of prolonged sun exposure

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