Things That Might Make You Seem “OLD”

Ever wonder when you slip on a certain jacket if the length, the buttons and the style dates you? 

What about slipping into your favorite Grateful Dead tie dye t-shirt for a quick run to the grocery? Think anyone notices it’s over 20 years old?

Vintage clothing is again making a resurgence so seeing skirts, jackets and blouses from another era may become mainstream. Even pillbox hats may have a place in our wardrobe. Will wearing these items make you look old? Will you change your hair style to match your new wardrobe choices?

Take hair for example. Hairstyles can make you seem older than your years. If the color is too dark or too light or too bright, these shades may take away from your natural beauty.

Yes, long luxurious locks are the envy of all but when your hair begins to look straggly and unkempt, it’s either time for a long overdue trim or time to radically change your style into a swinging, hip “swaying style” that accentuates your beautiful face. Sometimes wearing long, straight hair can make your face appear long, shapeless, and rectangular. Same with a close-cropped hair style.

It happens, how? Who knows? But, we get into a rut and neglect ourselves. It’s easy to do as we tend to wear our “uniforms” daily rather than shop for trendy, more fashionable clothes. 

We can easily become complacent with a lot of areas in our life, we sometimes long for change but do we embrace it and take an inventory of how little adjustments can make life so much more satisfying.

Take posture for example. Looking in the mirror can easily reveal if your posture needs refinement. Walking tall, not slouched, sitting tall, not hunched over reveals how your head aligns with your body. Whether you choose hand-held free weights or decide finally to get off your fanny and join a gym or spa, reworking your posture will not only help you look more youthful, but you’ll also feel much better about yourself.

Saying no to social opportunities is a downer. Get out there and enjoy those like-minded people!  Engaging in conversation, smiling, and laughing, all seem to be youth-enhancing activities.

Of course, your face is a dead giveaway of looking older. You can cleverly disguise the aging in your body with clothes that artfully hide bulges or thicknesses but hiding flaws in your face is quite difficult if not impossible to accomplish.

If you want your face to look better and better, then there is only one real solution. Do you want your face to look years younger? Like 10 to 15 years younger? Do you want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to accomplish this? Are you willing to endure pain, embarrassment, and disfigurement if things go wrong?

Well, the perfect solution to stop aging in your face is to learn the Facial Magic® facial exercise routine and make it a part of your beauty regimen for the rest of your life! You’ll never regret looking your best.