This Vitamin C Serum is All Powerful

Once in a while a truly terrific skincare product comes to the market that really makes a difference in how your facial skin behaves.

Disguising age spots, a most irritating challenge, are those pesky patches of pigmentation that cause you angst, and treating them is not always successful. Even though you might use the best “spackle” there is, those brown patches can’t always be hidden. Reducing the appearance of these patches is possible over time with the potent Vitamin C Serum with hyaluronic acid, green tea and ferulic acid that boost the performance of Vitamin C.

In addition to disguising age spots, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles is paramount and that’s exactly what you can expect to see in the mirror when you use this Vitamin C Serum daily. Apply the serum first, allow it to penetrate and then follow with a moisturizer if you need it but typically this serum keeps your face dewy.

Nourishing your skin with Vitamin C Serum is just as important as nourishing your body with Vitamin C supplements. As you know, skincare products can vary. Not all products deliver the results, if ever. Using the Facial Magic Hydra C Serum will, from the first day you use this, begin to make a difference in the results you see in the mirror.

Topically, Vitamin C is designed to produce anti-aging effects by boosting the production of collagen, brightening the skin, plumping it, tightening it, and helping skin to appear more youthful.

Our Hydra C is an at-home treatment that can be used daily. Try it under your eyes. Dab a little extra on those “spots” for extra protection from the sunlight.

Wearing younger looking skin is possible. The process takes time and dedication. 

Skincare gets a big boost when you add Facial Magic® Facial Exercise to your routine. Think about it, from the inside out, your skin will be nourished with oxygen generated from using isometric contractions that plump the skin and tighten your facial features. Add our powerful Hydra C with Ferulic Acid and you have the combination to wear a youthful face.