Top Ten Signs Someone has had Plastic Surgery

Procedures & Breakthroughs by Chelsea Mize

Does that older lady who lives down the street suddenly show up at a party with a face that looks too good (or too bad) to be true? Did your cousin go from straight A’s to C’s (we’re talking cup size, here) without gaining any weight?

There are plenty of signs that someone you know has had plastic surgery. And sometimes it’s pretty obvious. If the girl-next-door’s chest suddenly grows like one of those toys that expands to 100 times its original size in water, then you’d have to be blind not to notice that she’s had some work done.

But with constant advances in the plastic surgery world, procedures are producing subtler and more natural results. So it can be harder to spot faces (or other body parts) that may have gone under the knife.

Here are the top ten signs to look for if you suspect someone’s undergone plastic surgery.


#1 Scars, Scars, Scars

Okay, this one’s obvious. Or is it? There are the classic places to look for scars, like behind or in front of the ears, indicative of a facelift. But what if you can’t see scars face to face? Some body procedures work hard to hide the evidence, but if you’re close enough to investigate, you might find breast implant scars in the armpit area or underneath the boobs. Liposuction scars might show up near the hips or bellybutton and look like small dots.


#2 She’s Got Her Nose in the Air…All the Time

Your once-friendly co-worker suddenly seems like she’s looking down her nose at you, and you’re not sure why. But don’t immediately assume she’s turned into a snob – maybe she’s just had a nose job. The standard issue ‘cute little nosey’ is turned up at the tip, and that kind of upturned nose is a surer sign of rhinoplasty than haughtiness.


#3 Getting All Touchy Feely

This is a little more difficult to assess at arm’s length, so you’ve got to know someone pretty well to test this method. But if you’re up close and personal with someone who you suspect has had plastic surgery, check her cheekschin, and chest for fillers or implants. Facial fillers or implants as well as breast implants have a distinct ‘fake’ feel about them. But be careful not to caught like Seinfeld’sElaine in the sauna. It probably won’t go over well if you try to explain you were just feeling around for signs of surgery.


#4 Trout Pout

Full lips are hot. Angelina Jolie proves this fact every single day. But sometimes women who covet the pouty look can get carried away with injectable fillers and end up with an upper lip that sticks out like, well, a trout’s mouth. And fish lips, the last time we checked, were not hot.


#5 Surprise! …or Anger? …or Fear?

What just happened? Why does the woman standing behind you in line at Starbucks look like she’s just heard the most shocking news since Ricky Martin announced he was gay? That didn’t surprise you? Of course it didn’t. Anyway, a look of permanent surprise is the number five sign that someone has had work done. Also known as Botox Brow, that transfixed look of ‘eyebrows raised’ is a little scary at best. And while Botox is generally undetectable, that frozen face look is more suited for a wax mannequin that a human being. So if you spot a waxy women walking around, chances are, she’s not just naturally wrinkle free.


#6 Her Boobs Weigh More than the Rest of her Body

Although Barbie and Baywatch would leave you to believe differently, even super hot women don’t usually carry all of their weight in their chest. While it’s not unheard of for women to be naturally well endowed in that area, chances are that a woman with a tiny waist and an even tinier BMI is not going to end up with D-cups unless she has some outside help. So if you see a woman with a stick figure from the boobs down, it’s safe to assume those melons ain’t organic…they’re breast implants.


#7 Raisin Earlobes

Sometimes, if skin is pulled too tight during a facelift, it causes the earlobe to crinkle like a shriveled up grape. And while raisins might be delicious, shriveled is never an attractive adjective in reference to any facial feature. So crinkly earlobes might be a sign that someone you know has had a facelift. And unless she wants to live with dried fruit on either side of her face, she’s probably going to want to get some corrective surgery as well.


#8 Puffy Face

With anti-aging facial procedures taking a turn away from the tight look, an opposite phenomenon has started to emerge. Harshly put, it’s fat face. Women who have too much filler (BotoxRestylaneRadiesseJuvederm, etc.) injected into their face end up with fewer wrinkles, but a face that looks like it belongs on the body of the Michelin man. However, some new rejuvenating technologies like Selphyl or other autologous fat transfers use actual fat to improve facial appearance without that puffy look. So hopefully this number eight sign will soon fall to the wayside.


#9 Where’s the Turkey?

Her hands look old. Her body looks old. Her hair is gray. But her neck…looks fantastic. Unless someone has exceptionally good genes, their neck-skin will inevitably sag over time. So without the help of some liposuction or a facelift, a turkey neck will definitely develop with age. Notice your neighbor’s neck is totally poultry free? She’s probably had plastic surgery.


#10 What the Hairline?

Face and brow-lifts are all about lifting, so when extra skin is pulled tighter, a patient’s hairline consequently moves up with the rest of her face. This isn’t always the most obvious sign, but if you notice someone you know suddenly switched out her forehead for a fivehead, she might have gone under the knife.