What Does Self-Care Mean to You?

How do I love me? Let me count the ways…

Oh wait! That’s not what was written but that’s how I feel about my body, my mind and my everything. I love me!

Taking care of my body and especially, my face, means that there are certain self-imposed rules that have made a difference in my life.

Finally, I conquered cigarette smoking. 

Really, how could I have such an outstanding face and smoke cigarettes? The back story is this:  my grandfather smoked cigarettes and it was usual for him to say when we were hanging out together, mostly driving in his car, ‘light me a cigarette.’ So, I would strike the match and inhale. In my late teens and early twenties, I smoked some but then cigarettes became my best pal. Those Virginia Slims went everywhere with me. Then I graduated to Marlboro Lights. One day while walking alone on the beach, I heard “the voice” say, “You’ve smoked enough!” I heeded that voice. I walked home, showered, put on a smoking cessation patch and never have I even thought of smoking a cigarette! Had I quit before? Oh yes, for a few days, many times but the last time was different. That powerful voice that we all have inside of us made a striking impact on my thinking and my decision to stop cigarette smoking immediately was easy.

Thankfully, daily vitamins for years and years has kept me healthy in the most amazing ways. As a child, one of my early remembrances of my mother working outside the home was when she sold Shaklee vitamins. We didn’t have indoor plumbing but we swallowed packet after packet of Shaklee supplements that we believe kept us super healthy. 

Exercise and sunshine have always been important to me. Growing up out in the country was a huge advantage (although I didn’t always believe that!). Reading was my favorite pastime along with shooting hoops with my sisters and throwing burn-out balls with my boy cousins. The bottom line was that most activities were outside. Exercise, sunshine and reading are still my daily must-dos.

Loving yourself isn’t selfish. Loving yourself is kind. 

Here’s my motto:  Love your face! Exercise it!