What Lip Shades Should You Avoid?

Lipstick is designed to brighten your face, enhance your beautiful lips and to help you feel confidently satisfied that you look wonderfully put together.

Do you choose a shade that compliments your hair color, complexion, and wardrobe? Of course!

According to Jill Kirsch, everything you wear begins with the color of your hair. This lauded Color Consultant has transformed Red Carpet celebs from glaringly awful color choices to glamourous, hip, best shades for eyes, cheeks and lips.

If there is any question regarding how you can benefit from a color consultation, take it from me that my chosen colors are a result of her influence. Jill offers a free ebook to guide you! Grab it and memorize the best colors to accentuate your beautiful face!

Then there is the subject of orange lipstick.

There is a possibility that wearing most orange, peach, beige and certain pink shades of lipstick can make your teeth look yellow!

According to Loreal, bold colors like deep plum, “vampy” burgundy and brilliant blue-red might seem out of the norm but these vibrant hues will help enhance your smile with brighter looking teeth. It seems that the darker, more bold hues will enhance your teeth, especially in photos.

A word of caution:  deeply colored lips on an over 70 face can look very harsh and unappealing. Your critical eye and great lighting will tell the truth.

What about Barbie pink for lips? Well, that phase, as popular as Barbie is, may be fading and besides, that hot shade is mostly reserved for teenagers living it up at the beach, right?There are many at-home avenues for whitening your teeth in just a few weeks. At the following link, you can read the results of the best teeth whitening kits as the Chicago Trib writer, Melissa Nott, separates the hype from reality.