Why Your Lower Face Develops Jowls and Pouches

Jowls and pouches begin to form in your lower face when the muscles that are positioned between your chin and your ear loses the battle with gravity. The muscles on each side of your face will lengthen and butt into the platysma muscle in your lower face. This is where you may see a bulge developing as excess pooling occurs alongside the jawline.

The forehead muscle lengthens, it pushes into the orbicularis oculi and you wear hooded eyes as a result. When the zygomaticus cheek muscles have lost their tone, they pool into the upper orbicularis oris resulting in a fold or a line that deepens and causes noticeable aging in the face.

Observe your jawline and chin up close in the mirror. Are you seeing slackness? Maybe you’re feeling that your lower face doesn’t portray a firm and sculpted look. Does the word “wattle” resonate with you? When you feel the underside of your chin, is it taut and tight?

As you view this young face, you can see that the muscle cling tight to the bone. There is no sagging in this face.

Consider this:  as we age, our facial muscles elongate. Facial muscles can lengthen up to one-half inch by the time a person is 55 years old. 

Aging in the face likely begins in our mid to late twenties. It is inevitable as collagen production wanes while faint lines etch around our eyes, mouth and forehead. Most of us do not like to witness our once youthful faces being ravaged by time.

No matter how much we slather with the latest and greatest lotions and potions, Mother Nature will begin leaving her footprints on our faces between the ages of 30 and 45. Each year that passes we will see certain tell-tale signs that our faces are beginning to sag and droop. 

At first those faint lines were manageable. They could be easily disguised with certain primers and contouring tricks but this sagging and drooping is apparent making us feel helpless, angry and even desperate.

Can you get rid of them? Maybe…Will you look 16 again? Doubtful. Without a doubt though, you will look better and better as your face lifts, tones and tightens.

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