Will Retinol Lighten the Brown Spots on My Face?

Retinol acts like an Avenger for your complexion. When you use Cell Renewal Retinol every other night for six to eight weeks, you will be delighted to see that fine lines and wrinkles are lessened and those pesky dark spots – hyperpigmentation – are practically gone!

The six to eight weeks of three times a week use may create redness and dryness but that is easily remedied when you faithfully apply a moisturizer. If you have super sensitive skin, apply your moisturizer before you use the Retinol treatment. Otherwise, if your face feels dry to taut, use the Apple Stem Peptide or the Repair Cream over the Retinol treatment.

Retinol will naturally exfoliate your skin so there’s no need to use peels, masks or exfoliating scrubs. The key to using this age defying, potent treatment that increases skin firmness and promotes natural cell function is the willingness to use it for eight weeks while the transformation develops. You will love your new complexion!