Would You Lie About Your Age?

Today’s world has convinced us that 60 is the new 40, and 70, the new 50. How is that possible?  Well, we certainly do not resemble the generations that have gone before us. We dress differently. We style our hair more modernly. Even our faces can belie our real age.

You might be able to pull off lying about your age if you’re a long-time Facial Magic® user who practices her craft several times a week but if you’re just a regular person who happens to be on Facebook celebrating your birthday, you’d better think twice about trying to fool some of us with a phony 10-year age difference.

The truth is that most people who lie about their age don’t look as good as they want to look.

As silly as it sounds, lying about your age is not necessary. 

Envision your younger looking face. Are you willing to help your face look toned and youthful again? Did you know that when you practice Facial Magic® facial exercise, your face begins to visibly transform by lifting, tightening, and smoothing every area of your face and neck? From the inside out, muscles strengthen, and skin begins to firm.

Without spending hardly any money at all whiles devoting just minutes a day to this life-transforming facial exercise program, your facial muscles will plump up  and reposition to help your face look remarkably youthful.

Suddenly, whether you’re 30 or 70, you will realize that after six weeks of dedicated facial training, your face looks better than it has in years. 

Learning the 18-exercise routine that is taught over 9 weeks takes only minutes a day to learn and practice. Each exercise requires 35 seconds. 

Because Facial Magic is a strength building program, you learn and practice two exercises in Week One and perform those exercises six days in a row.  In Weeks Two through Nine, two new exercises are added each week for a total of 18 exercises. 

Just follow along. Work out initially 6 days in a row each week, drink water, repeat your affirmations, document your results often with photos, and in hardly any time at all, your beautiful, natural face will look better and better. No need for lies any longer!