3 Steps – Yes! Only 3 Steps to Better Looking Skin!

Many complain that they just don’t have the time or inclination to really care for the shape of their face…figuratively and literally.

Perhaps it’s depression or a funk that one adopts but I hear from quite a few people that even putting on lotion after a shower is something they no longer find important. What? Scaly skin is attractive?

What about your face?

What if there were only 3 Steps – would you follow these steps religiously to wear better looking skin?

Step #1:  Exfoliate your skin regularly. Whether you choose glycolic or lactic acid, your old, dead, gray skin cells, if left on your face, will not let other products fully penetrate. Regular, once a month facials usually include exfoliating products and do-it-at home products, whether chemical or physical (wash cloth type), can do an excellent job of keeping newer, fresher looking skin in evidence.

Step #2:  Regularly use treatments. Most favorite treatments include Vitamin C Serum, Retinol, and Peptide. We learned long ago that just soap and water isn’t quite enough to keep our skin looking well cared for so adding moisturizing skin boosters chalked full of botanicals, vitamins, and other skin enhancing properties will certainly produce healthier looking skin.

Step #3:  Understand (Innerstand) that smidgens count! Diet and exercise play a huge role in life. Our spiritual and emotional life are as important as the air we breathe. The thoughts we think, our actions towards others, the words we say, and our every kindness creates our life. When we are in alignment, connected to our inner self, a radiance develops. We smile more, we feel confident and glad to be alive. When you look good, you feel good!

Using Facial Magic® and mirror work is an ideal way to really get to know yourself as you learn natural facelifting techniques that help you feel better about you and your face. What could be better?