3 Undeniable Signs Your Face Is Looking Better and Better 

When you discover that your once super beautiful face is beginning to show noticeable signs of aging –  like every feature is softening, eyebrows are dropping, your jawline is becoming lumpy and those once faint nose to mouth lines are now becoming deep folds, you know it’s time for a proactive approach to save your face from the ravages of Mother Nature.

Where do you begin? Do you seek out a medical intervention to surgically alter your eyelids? 

How will you deal with those nasal labial folds that you see deepening when you closely examine your face? 

Lifting the sides of your face with your fingertips gives you an idea that your face is losing the battle of facial aging and this can make you feel helpless, less attractive and concerned about your future. Will you begin to resemble Great Aunt Hilda with her wobbly turkey neck?

Oh egads! What if you have inherited Uncle Henry’s heavy jowls that call attention to his jawline?

It’s true! We can resemble our relatives over time. Heavy eye brows, squinty eyes, dark circles under the eyes, down-turned nose, thin lips, and skin color are a few inherited traits. However, as we mature, we see vertical forehead lines, horizontal forehead lines as well as crow’s feet, and lower mouth wrinkles that are not attributable to our ancestors. This is the result of muscle atrophy.

Fine lines turn into wrinkles and our facial features change shape making our face look rectangular, less oval and youthful. This is the beginning of aging. At what age does this happen? Most say by the age of 40, there are definite signs that your once sensational facial features are leaving.

Repetitive frowning (vertical forehead lines), repetitive lifting of your forehead and eyebrows (horizontal forehead lines) deepen lines and wrinkles over time. You can train yourself to stop this type of wrinkling but there is another type of wrinkling that is sinister and in order to stop it, you will have to slip on your gloves and begin a proactive approach to facial aging.

Facial aging begins under the skin. Yes, sun damage is one factor of aging. 

But, the real cause of facial aging is lax facial muscles.

Facial muscles support your facial skin and when those muscles begin to lose their tone, your face loses its youthful shape and you will begin to look less vibrant and certainly less radiant.

So after six weeks of Facial Magic® there are 3 undeniable signs your face is better and better: 

  • You often look at yourself in the mirror and smile.
  • You are dedicated to the exercise routine because it makes you feel good.
  • Your confidence level is soaring as you see and feel positive changes in your face and neck.