Age Reversal – Get on the Band Wagon

You don’t want to look old, you don’t want to feel old and you certainly do not want to act old. We’ve heard the adage 60 is the new 40, 70 the new 50 but it that true for you?

Here are 5 suggestions to keep you looking younger than your years:

  1. Physical activity encourages life and vitality! Walking, dancing, tai chi, yoga, bicycling, skiing…anything that gets you and up moving with zeal is paramount.
  2. Take supplements that promote healthy immune function, reduce inflammation and encourage anti-aging.
  3. Rid your bedroom of everything electronic so that you sleep undisturbed.
  4. Watch sugar intake. Check your diet to make certain you’re eating right – more natural foods, less chemicals and organic as much as possible…use food as your medicine.
  5. Facial Magic facial exercise – yes, you exercise your body so it looks better and better but what about your face? Clean, green and proven!