Aging Well? Aging Gracefully?       

Well, what do you think about your current “look”? Are you aging well? Are you like Cher? She does not feel her age and she still looks and feels youthful!

There are many others who have adopted a healthy lifestyle early on and of course, good genes always help. 

Seeking to remain youthful requires a dedication to a sensible way of eating, little to no alcohol, very limited pharmaceutical use and physical exercise. 

Maintaining a slim body, wearing fashionable clothing and learning how to accessorize begins as a teenager. We were mesmerized and influenced at an early age by celebs and others who were featured in our magazines and on television. We emulated their styles and adopted them easily.

We’ve even adopted some of their bad habits.

One especially noticeable avenue is the propensity of freezing one’s forehead using paralyzing serums with noticeable results of slight, shiny discoloration and the formation of bunny lines in the upper nose area. The eyebrow and upper eye area can appear unnatural looking as symmetry can be routed with one brow positioned higher than the other. That is an unfortunate occurrence that cannot be foreseen. 

Understandably, no one really wants to wear wrinkles on their forehead. Those 11’s are not becoming, and neither are those aging horizontal forehead lines that develop because of “talking” with your forehead.

Using injections to sculpt the face begins to show up as puffed-up overdone cheeks. Now many are choosing to remove the buccal glands to further enhance their cheekbones. 

The smart gals, the gals who cherish their bodies, realize that messing with Mother Nature, using methods that fill the body with unneeded chemicals has real drawbacks as side effects become serious conditions.

Even the Ozempic and other weight loss injections are causing symptoms that are upsetting, especially if you travel and are away from facilities. Losing fat in the face is one thing but looking and feeling poorly isn’t the portrayal of health.

Aging gracefully. Natural beauty is a gift. Embrace it.