Are You a Victim of Hyper Accelerated Aging?

Accelerated aging is once again in the news but this expression is not used in the typical sense of an older person experiencing rapid on-set cataracts or diabetes. And, wrinkled skin is just one symptom of this condition of “suddenly thin” that fillers and surgery cannot always fix.

Typically, disorders of accelerated aging can create a multitude of visible signals that include not sleeping well, perhaps there is a disease in progress such as cancer or you’ve had too many adult beverages that are now taking the toll on your over-all health and especially your face.

However, there is one new culprit of hyper accelerated aging that’s being revealed by celebrities who desire to be thinner…”suddenly thinner”…

Ozempic and Wegovy are the new “wonder drugs” of choice for those who want to lose weight and keep it off. Haven’t you wondered how these well-known gals stay sooooo slim? Sure, they eat like baby birds, so their camera presence can be one of envy, but now they have doctors who willingly prescribe these new drugs to assure their patients become and stay suddenly thin.

Most drugs are designed to be used over a long period of time and these are no different. There are risks and side effects associated with these and the two main culprits are vomiting and nausea which in my humble opinion will definitely produce weight loss.

These drugs are administered weekly via injection like an EpiPen. Wegovy is approved for weight loss, Ozempic for diabetes. 

Here’s the rub. Now these drugs are in short supply because of an overwhelming desire for super-slimness. Even though Ozempic is pricey – $1400/1500 a month – and insurance may not cover the cost. 

The bottom line is this:  Be careful. Drugs have side effects and the combo of Ozempic and Wegovy can cause repeated bouts of diarrhea, stomach pain and other gastric upsets. Even though the claims that these drugs are safe and effective, we’ve heard this slogan previously and learned of detrimental consequences occurring, even death.

There’s one more caution:  When you lose weight rapidly you will see that slimming is apparent everywhere including your face. Rapid weight loss can cause sagging skin and muscles because the fat that helps support your body and your face is depleted. 

Usually, working celebrities have boatloads of expendable cash and can discreetly have boatloads of face work performed and this outlay of cash is indeed a real possibility when you choose accelerated weight loss and accelerated aging.