Are You Ready to Overline Your Lips

Just sayin’, some lips look so fantastic when they are over- lined to perfection. This artistic feat not only complements the color of the lipstick and the shape of the lips, but the slightly enlarged lips are appealing to both sexes.

What happens when over lining backfires and you end up wearing smeared streaks instead of a subtle hint of color? Time to relearn your technique.

Trends change. Yes, full pouty lips will never go out of style but lipstick application, lip lining techniques, color variations along with matte or glossy finishes seem to change frequently.

Learning the art of overlining your lips requires a mirror, lipstick and lip liner and a daub of lip gloss.

Let’s say you choose MAC’s most popular beige matte lipstick, Velvet Teddy. You’ll want to pair it with a comparable lip liner color – in this case, beige/nude. This lipstick is a good color choice to practice your lip lining skill. 

Before you begin, one time, exfoliate your lips using an old toothbrush. Add just a drop of castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or something similar to the brush and lightly begin to polish your lips. Remove the oil with a warm, wet washcloth. Apply a skin brightening primer to your lips.

  1. Focus on your cupid’s bow. Outline that “v” area first. Some ladies prefer a more subtle blurring of their cupid’s bow, preferring to make a straight line.
  2. After you have outlined your cupid’s bow, begin to draw outside your natural lip line in a slightly bowed fashion. Slightly is the operative word. And remember, this is practice.
  3. Tackle the bottom lip by only lining the bottom third of your lower lip…if this looks wonky, find the best arc for you. No need to line all the way to the mouth corners.
  4. Finish with lipstick and a lip brush to slightly blur the lines so your lips look natural.
  5. Daub a dot of lip gloss to the middle of your bottom lip. DO NOT rub your lips together.

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