Are You Willing to ‘Go Natural’?  

What exactly does the phrase ‘going natural’ mean?

Does it mean you won’t shave your legs or underarms?

Go without deodorant?

Wear only cotton clothing?

Forgo fragrance? Or foundation or lipstick?

None of the above is on my list of what “going natural” means.

“Go natural” means you choose differently.

Natural beauty is a gift and each one of you reading this knows that your deep, natural beauty must be protected and nurtured so that your face and body will stay healthy and vibrant.

Natural beauty is dynamic. No two people look the same and the choices we enjoy for lotions and potions are beyond belief! But buyers beware!

Educating yourself on the dangers of certain ingredients used topically, i.e., parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, formaldehyde, petroleum additives and avoiding these ingredients in nail polish (toluene), hair straightening products, etc., will go a long way in keeping you healthy. Remember, these ingredients and more are linked to long term health challenges like breast cancer and hormonal imbalances.

Another aspect of going natural means forgoing invasive injections used in cosmetic practices that plump and paralyze facial muscles. Choosing to inject substances that are man-made and with a long list of scary contraindications will directly put your health at risk. The risks seem so minimal, right? Redness at the injection site, slight bruising, droopy eyelids, even death. What?

Laser treatments used on the face seem unnatural and painful.  Removing layers of skin, resurfacing for a less-wrinkled appearance, requires precision and a trained hand. Those fine lines around your eyes and mouth may be lessened initially, but guess what? Repeated motions like squinting and smiling will soon leave that laser treatment in the dust. And if you believe a laser will tighten sagging skin? Well, that’s yet to be revealed because most clients who have had laser for that condition are not inclined to repeat the process. Swelling, bruising, redness, pain, anesthesia, and disappointment are big drawbacks.

There are many, many avenues that are available for beauty, but the best natural beauty product is learning how to isometrically contract the facial muscles.  This type of contraction lifts the skin and muscles, so the user’s face looks years younger. Facial Magic® is the best natural beauty product in the world.