Best Yoga Moves To Do At Work



You know I'm all about natural, healthy living.  It makes sense that while I teach exercising your face from the neck up, I also endorse keeping in shape from the neck down too.  Yoga is a great way to stay flexible, have a "non-constricted" spine, and shape your body by lifting your own weight.  I did a Pinterest search one day on "Best Yoga Moves To Do At Work" and was so happy with all the choices.


Although I found quite a few renditions, I loved the infographic by Kristen McGee on These poses help your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order.  They all get so stiff sitting in a chair at a computer all day.  

EASY TIP: Get up and walk around every hour.  Use the stairs, do a few laps around the halls or put a mini-trampoline in your office. 


If you need help planning out your yoga at work, here is a great chart from  


Best Yoga Moves To Do At Work

You have work to do and can't get up and do yoga all the time.  You can be more conscious of how you sit and become more conscious of your smartphone and laptop use.  To reduce the impact your phone has on your body, 

  • holding your mobile at eye level
  • using a voice-texting assistant
  • trying good old-fashioned phone call instead of typing all the time.

Laptop neck!  Yep!  It's a real thing. Stuck at your laptop for hours on end? Roll your shoulders, move your neck left to right for a simple stretch.  According to Melissa Beck of the Wall Street Journal, most users simply set their laptops on a desk or table--which is hard on many body parts.  When you work at a computer, the keyboard should be at elbow height, so your upper and lower arms form an angle of 90 degrees or more and your forearms are supported by armrests. The monitor should be roughly at eye level so you can lean back in a chair with back support.

So who does yoga at work already?  Please comment below and tell us your experiences, favorite poses or any tips you would love to add.

Best Yoga Moves To Do At Work