How to Make Lips Look Younger

how to make lips look younger

Luscious Lips natural lip pump. Have you ever wondered how to make lips look younger? If you have smiled at yourself in the mirror or meticulously pored over recent photos trying to decide just what is different about your facial appearance, consider this: Lips shrink with age and if your smile is showing more teeth…

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Plump Lips Naturally

plump lips naturally

Full, pouty, sensual lips are in the news. And it’s all the same news; i.e. three young, hopeful women trying several topical items hoping they will see noticeable changes in the plumpness of their lips. In truth, the results are so temporary; the user will never experience any substantial lip pouting. Plump your lips naturally…

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Facial Exercise-Does It Work?

cynthia rowland

A PERSONAL FACIAL MAGIC STORY BY CAROL STANLEY What is Facial Exercise Facial exercise is a natural way of exercising the face to tighten the muscles and stave off signs of aging skin. If you faithfully perform these facial exercises daily the contour and texture of your skin will begin to show improvement. The isometric…

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Tips for Plumping Lips

tips for plumping lips

I am going to preach this til I go to see the great man in the sky … you DO NOT NEED INJECTIONS to PLUMP THAT POUT!  It is so unnatural and extremely painful to get filler injected into your lips.  You have more nerves around your mouth than anywhere else on your body.  Why…

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Angelina, Eat Your Heart Out: How to Get Naturally Plump Lips

Naturally beautiful lips are always in vogue and Luscious Lips Lip Pump is the most reliable tool to deliver results. No lumps or bumps or anything hurtful or invasive. Not everyone is born with full, dramatic lips like Angelina but with a little effort, you, too, can enjoy fuller, sexy, sensational lips that rival hers.…

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The Best Beauty Gadgets

Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, Kendra Stanton, joined us to show off her favorite beauty gadgets. You’ll find more great tips and beauty information on Kendra’s Blog, Citizens of Beauty. Temptu Personal Airbrush System: Airbrush is asked for by everyone (believe me) but now you can get it at home and it’s easy to do.…

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Don’t Pout, There’s Help For Lips

Everyone has probably heard by now that hands can show your age, but did you know lips can show age, too? When you’re young, even if your lips are on the thin side they are usually smooth and naturally rosy, but as we age, our lips lose volume and the natural color we’re born with…

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Bizarre summer beauty finds

Summer makeup trends are not just about being light and colorful. This season there are some new and unusual products available.

Trend watcher, Anna De Souza shows us what’s hot and new this year in bizarre beauty for the face, hair and body.

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